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Tag: Artificial Intelligence

Agents are one of the most important elements involved with the development of the Semantic Web. Although the term may sound sinister, it isn’t. It actually means a piece of software that works proactively and independently (Luger, 2002). In terms of the Semantic Web, if a user had a personal agent that gathers requirements from […]

The world is made up of a many wonderful and varied things. Different colours, different shapes, different uses, each individual, each unique. To be able to function in the world as we know, humans have the ability to group and categorise things. If we had to deal with things one by one it would cause […]

Artificial Intelligence The history of Artificial Intelligence is an interesting topic. Many consider it to be a new technology. In fact the roots of the field date back to Aristotle. Although Aristotle introduced many concepts related to modern computer science. The one that directly affects AI was Aristotle’s epistemology or science of knowing. He believed […]