Today is National Burger Day

Would you believe it, today is National Burger Day! Are you are a fan of burgers, whether gourmet, home made or fast food fixes? We have something that you may like on this National Burger Day! In Hereford, we are blessed with a number of independent burger outlets. Yes we lack a Burger King but […]

Game of Thrones Competition

Wow! Game of Thrones was back with a bang! This season is going to be blinding if it moves as fast as it looks like it’s going to! We’re massive fans of Game of Thrones here at the Lab. So we hope we’ve compiled an equally as cool stash to giveaway to you guys. We […]

Swimathon 2015

Swimathon is back for 2015 and we’re taking on the challenge! We’re raising funds for Marie Curie to help them to provide care to over 40,000 people living with terminal illnesses across the UK. Your sponsorship will ensure they can continue to provide thousands of hours of nursing care and support to terminally ill people […]

Does A BIG Company Need The DM Lab?

We pride ourselves on our work done and the clients we work with / have worked with. These range from small to medium enterprises. Whatever their size we achieve results. Initially, and sensibly, we started out working with very small companies, and in the 5 years we have been trading, have developed our skills enough […]


So, The Walking Dead is back tonight! We are massive fans here at the Lab and we were thinking – what if there was a zombie outbreak here in the UK? What would happen? How long would YOU last? Here’s our guess at how things would go down should that happen. Secretly, we all want […]

Is An eBook Better Than A Real Book?

Let’s get it out the way books are boring! So what about an eBook? Controversial, that’s the point! Yes they are fantastic as a learning aid, for sure, but novels……not for me. It maybe just me but I actually prefer educational books and spend a lot of time learning from them. However when it comes to […]