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As an employer, it’s imperative we look after our team to maintain The DM lab’s high standard of work. This has become even more apparent over the last year and a half. We have had to adapt and overcome. In response to the global wellbeing crisis, we’ve taken action to keeps things as normal as we can here. Since our return to the office after working from home, we put a serious emphasis on workplace wellbeing.

As a busy agency, we thrive in an environment that keeps us on our toes. Pressure from deadlines, client demands and generating work. They all add up on an ongoing day-to-day basis. After working from home during the outbreak of the pandemic from last March, we couldn’t wait to get back in the office again. Being together (together together – not remotely together) allows us to be more creative and spontaneous. This doesn’t have the same effect typed up or on a Zoom!

The personalities of the dynamic team work better together

Here at The DM Lab, we are creating an environment that both engages and empowers our employees. these are the guys that play a central role in developing our thriving organisation. We face an ongoing challenge of sustaining employee engagement and performance in the wake of the global pandemic. The intense work pressure it has brought will continue to take its toll on all employees for a significant period of time.

Workplace wellbeing – we’re going for a prevention is better than cure approach

Instead of taking our team for granted, we want to look after their mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing. We are taking the best steps we can as a workplace. Although we’re a mentally active workplace – we’re very sedentary. So, we encourage a lunchtime walk to break up the day. We even encourage staff to take part in events (virtual or actual) with us. For example, at the start of 2021, Chris and Dale took on a virtual LEJOG (Lands End to John O’Groats) challenge to maintain activity levels for their deferred London Marathon entry in 2022. Back in 2021 when they were due to run the London Marathon and it got postponed, they took part in the virtual London Marathon. After completing this, they became Guinness World Record holders too!

Inspiring our staff is important to us, to lead by example. This active lifestyle not only helps our physical wellbeing but our mental wellbeing as we’re able to switch off and solely focus at the activity at hand.

Our working environment

Everything about our relocation into our city centre office was carefully considered. We designed our desks ourselves for optimum comfort and productivity. Furthermore, our chairs we’re carefully selected to aid posture while retaining good comfort levels. In addition to this, our office is minimal, considered and branded in our company colours (white, black and green). This reflects our core values and strategy.

It’s also great to embody our brand in a physical presence!

We have a meeting area with sofas and a breakout zone which includes beanbags. We have a set lunchtime to break up the working day. Staff are free to do whatever they like during this time. We work online so they are free to use their mobile devices or the internet through our comprehensive office WiFi coverage.

We have an air-conditioned office for the summer months and multiple heaters throughout the office for the winter. We’re able to control the temperature so our team are comfortable whatever the weather is outside!

Our walls are filled with our outside interests and achievements within the workplace. These include our own certificates and those of the staff and a host of sporting memorabilia we have collected through our work. However, our office isn’t designed to reflect what we do at work – more so what we do with the business. It is this interestingly anonymous approach that intrigues people and gets conversations started!

Mental wellbeing

Contemplation zones

We have an area where employees can take time out to think without distraction or to concentrate on intensive tasks.

Collaboration areas

Our collaboration zone is an area where can bring staff together for meetings or impromptu catch-ups away from their desk complete with comfortable sofas.

We care!

Recognition and praise are part of our company’s culture. Above all, we recognise our employees for their effort and achievements. You’ll see this through our blogs and social media posts.

We focus on personal development.

A position at The DM Lab is not a dead-end job. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Our employees are encouraged to progress on a path that leads somewhere within the business. Having nurtured two apprentices, one of which we encouraged to undertake a higher-level degree after achieving a distinction,. We actively support their learning and personal and professional development.

Active steps we are taking to aid workplace wellbeing

Techtimeout Challenge

We also took part in the techtimeout #TTO10 challenge after being approached by the team and fellow Great British Entrepreneur finalists. It helped us to recalibrate and refocus our efforts within (and outside of) the workplace to consider the amount of time we spend on devices and try to disconnect to help our general mental wellbeing.

Partnering with Yeleni

Workplace Wellbeing - Yeleni

We have recently partnered with Yeleni Therapy & Support. A local complementary health centre and charity to aid us look after our team too!

Over 50% of staff absenteeism is directly attributable to stress related illness. Therefore supporting the mental, emotional and physical health of your workforce leads to a happier, healthier and more productive workplace, where your staff feel valued and supported.

Yeleni can provide us with a range of packages, offering discounts, health and wellbeing days or on site therapy sessions.

Virtual Events

We’re happy to cover any costs of events the team would like to enter. We encourage the team to get active as part of their physical wellbeing. As mentioned, Chris and Dale took on the LEJOG virtual challenge in 2021. In 2022 they took part in the Wales Coast Path challenge virtual challenge (870 miles). We hope to inspire the team to take on a virtual challenge or two!