Making Brilliant Marketing Simple

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The DM Lab creates customised digital marketing strategies coupled with considered and well executed design marketing. That makes brilliant marketing made simple. A complex formula that produces a chain reaction that can be seen across the internet by your target market and new customers alike.



The DM Lab love analysis and analytics! Although we’re passionate about it, we don’t expect you to live and breathe analysis as we do. We deliver traceable results while you keep your focus directly on your business.


We also offer onsite training to give you or your staff the tools you need to manage your marketing in house, ensuring your knowledge grows alongside your brand. The DM Lab deliver training at all levels from entry to MD.


Bringing together creative elements to deliver a winning formula, you know that creativity is much more than images on a screen. Great business creations must be capable of an objective and a purpose, that’s what we do.

Inbound Marketing

Our inbound marketing covers content driven strategies, social media marketing, PPC advertising, e-marketing and much, much more. We will develop digital marketing strategies to deliver business objectives.

Design marketing is equally as important and is crucial in a strategic marketing plan.

If a project requires graphics, especially for websites, social media and paid advertising, our team is able to produce exactly what is needed for a successful marketing campaign. This applies to email marketing to, we know exactly how to design and structure emails that appeal to your audience.

Graphic design is a crucial part of any company’s marketing strategies and plan. Draw in your audience, then when you have their attention, engage with them! Software is available all over the web for you to tackle the visual side yourself. We can’t stress the importance of visuals so leave it to somebody that lives and breathes it instead of cutting corners and save money. Invest it!

Design & Digital Marketing