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Our commitment to the environment & sustainability

We’re a 99% paperless company that contributes greatly to the environment & sustainability. Like utilising the cloud to store data, work and communicate. We recycle as much as we can. Working with a local bicycle courier (Hereford Pedicargo) to recycle cardboard and paper shredding for us. This zero-emissions service saves thousands of tonnes of waste from going to landfill every year.

We choose efficient hardware and everything is turned off at the end of the day.

Everything we can do for the environment & sustainability, we do. However, it doesn’t stop there!

Through our desire to do everything in our power to be a sustainable business, we have also supported local sustainability initiatives with website development and marketing to promote them. We’ve joined each movement as a member too!

These are:

The Great Collaboration – bringing people together to take action on the environmental crisis using a digital toolkit for inspiring local action. Plus informing and influencing local, regional and national policy making.

Herefordshire Green Network – an alliance of local green, environmental and transition town groups, organisations and businesses which we are one of, encouraging and supporting long-term sustainable change across Herefordshire.

We have also taken the Greener Footprints Pledge locally, committing to taking action on climate change. However, with no acknowledgement or support from them, I guess we’ll go it alone!

To celebrate our 10th birthday back in 2020, we also joined 19,444 other businesses that are taking climate action with Ecologi with a climate positive workforce. We have planted 680 trees in our forest and prevented 33.22 tCO2e from being emitted through 37 verified carbon avoidance projects.

How do we plan to continue our green & sustainable success in the future?

Since the pandemic, we have now transitioned more toward digital meetings. This continues to contribute to reducing our emissions and assisting us in our goals to become a more sustainable business. We are always looking to join movements to actively ensure we are doing everything in our power. Locally, we are a member of all available movements and in addition to this, we are also carbon-offsetting using Ecologi.

As we are on top of this, we are continually reviewing our third-party suppliers.

Our server solution (ANS) is ISO 14001 certified – a global standard that ensures the business is conscious of their environmental impacts. They also work with TechUK to establish CO2 reduction targets for their data centres. Plus, their sites use 100% renewable electricity!

Our print supplier,, is FSC® a Forest Stewardship Council® Chain of Custody certified business. They too are also ISO 14001 certified and this includes how they manage and process their waste and efficiently use their resources.

We encourage our team to consider their commute into work too. Even small changes make a difference to the environment & sustainability. Like a opting for a train journey, a walk or cycle to work once every week which the team have bought into.

To continue on the path we are on will only lead to a positive outcome for us. As we have the fundamentals in place, we can make even smaller changes. Furthermore, these changes to contribute to becoming a more significant, environmentally friendly and sustainable business.

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