Here are the people and businesses we have had the privilege of working with. Some are current, some are past but all are satisfied!

All the clients listed above have utilised one or more of our services. As a multi-faceted company we focus on every aspect of marketing.

Good marketing starts with a good website

Whether you already have a web presence or have none at all great marketing requires solid foundations. If you have a website, we carry out an audit to ensure it is performing as well as it can be. This can be a long but rewarding process as we have to ensure no rock is left unturned. Building on this is far more rewarding long term as we start as we mean to go on.

So all these clients have had a website audit?

Surprisingly, no. Why? As mentioned before we are multi-faceted and we never back you into a corner where you feel you have to pay us to do everything. We’ll do our utmost to advise to suit your budget and would never sell you something we feel you don’t need. After all, results speak for themselves, if you are investing in our services you’ll want to see a return and that’s why we use Google Analytics; they can’t and don’t lie.

These clients employ or employed us for a single purpose or hired us on an ongoing basis. Services such as website design, logo, brand, poster, banner and brochure design are what they are which is a single service. On going services are elements such as email marketing, AdWords management, social media management and search engine optimisation.

OK, I want to use your services…But which one?

Get in touch so we can first get to know what is you want to achieve. We’ll then undertake some stringent market research and advise you on the best solution. It is an investment and changes take time to implement. We would normally ask for 3 months to see improvements. 3 months?! Yes, but we start making things happen from day one however we do not control how fast Google propagates these changes and will assure you than even within that 3-month period you’ll be able to see things happening. After 3 months we offer a review to suggest further steps as good marketing has no fixed price or set time frame. Clients tend to be comfortable with what we have done and are willing to increase their spend to in turn see more profit. It’s a tried and tested system and we are confident that no matter how big or small your business, we can help.

Take your first steps to growing your business today by contacting us, we look forward to working with you!