The Marketing Team

  • Chris Tipping

    Marketing Director

    Chris is the managing director of The DM Lab and has built the company from the bottom up. He has experience in the sales industry and dealing with clients face – face. To go alongside his 10 years experience in the sales and marketing sector he has a degree in Computer Science, Networks and Information Security.

    He also possesses a further 5 years experience in the web development industry, where he harnessed skills in programming and online marketing. Running successful SEO , PPC and digital marketing campaigns.

    His vision and determination is second to none and will always make sure a project is carried out at the highest possible standards.

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  • Dale G

    Visual Scientist

    Dale is the lead designer for The DM Lab, he has 9 years experience in the design industry, as well as an extensive interest in art and design, focusing on the subject at secondary school, sixth form both at Hereford Cathedral School. Also achieving the Blackler Prize for Art in the final year at sixth form, then progressing his learning and skills set to university degree level where he studied Animation and the Moving Image at North East Wales Institute of Higher Education, achieving a BA (Hons) degree.

    His skills range from web and graphic design, 2D technical drawings to 3D design and modelling. This diverse range of abilities allows Dale to make client’s business concepts come alive in design.

    His eye for detail, dynamic style and focus makes him valuable asset to any design and development team.

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  • Richard Wilde

    Hardcore Geek

    Richard AKA “Rippo the Geek” has been writing bespoke software since the early 90’s after graduating with a computer science degree. He specialises in all the functional aspects of websites from creating b2b networking portals, e-commerce sites, payment systems, private members area, content management systems and much more.

    His strength lies in understanding business problems and uses a multitude of technology to solve problems. He considers himself as an all-rounder that can develop on both the front and back end. He says that he can take any piece of business data, move it sideward and present it on any device.

    To cap it all, he runs a monthly developers user group for true geeks and has presented to other developers across the UK.

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  • Mason

    Lab Technician

    Mason pops up all over the place here at The DM Lab.

    Heading up most of our social media profiles, so don’t be shy, say hello! He will keep you up to date with all the goings on here at the Lab as well as cooking up some things himself and hopefully staying out of trouble!

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The Marketing Team

Our marketing team is what makes The DM Lab stand out from other agencies. Individually brilliant and collectively awesome. Expertise is every element of the digital marketing spectrum.

We are always looking to expand our marketing team. If you think you have something unique to offer, please get in touch and we’ll put you on our books!

We live and breathe marketing. Outside of that we are each as unique as our skillset. When not taking part in charity events, sporting endeavours and indulging in our hobbies we also volunteer!