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Can a Graphic Designer be a Web Developer?


Can a Graphic Designer be a Web Developer?

I personally think you can’t be both great at graphic design AND be a great Web Developer. That’s just because I cant! My method of graphic design is quite ‘flittish’. Where as the mind of my co-director is regimented and systematic. The mind of a good coder, programmer and web developer. Our company recognizes this. Which is why I’m the graphic designer. Focusing on the layout and look of our websites, and my co-director translates this into code. Both educated to degree level and having substantial experience under both our belts. Both have a mutual understanding of the two sides of development. We’d each be the first to admit we couldn’t do each others’ jobs. At least not the level of one another’s abilities.

Producing a website requires two separate levels of design.

Firstly, there is my role as a graphic designer. To take a blank canvas / document and design a visually pleasing, sliced web layout. This is then passed on to my co-director to take my vision and design. To deconstruct the images into code and functionality. Don’t be confused into thinking this cuts design time, or indeed increases it. It would take the two of us as much time a solo design and developer. As there are two of us which can advise and improve upon each other’s work. Producing a final product on another level to that of a solo effort. Two heads are better than one! Though in no way are we taking any credit away from anyone who does both to a high and professional standard. in fact we applaud this (and to some degree envy these diverse but individual talents!). So, in conclusion, yes and no, depending upon commitment, understanding and ability. It is our preference to keep the 2 elements separate, but that’s just us!

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