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Can a Digital Marketing Agency Add Value?

Can a Digital Marketing Agency Add Value? Our business has been working with clients for over 6 years. Ranging in industry, location and the type of work required. Personally I go out and see businesses on a regular basis. To pitch our services and how we can change the direction of how a company may approach digital marketing.

We can say that all meetings (bar maybe one) we have been able to answer the question,

What value can a digital marketing agency bring?

This is usually answered with a plethora of responses:

  • We will improve conversions
  • Develop your brand
  • Increase sales
  • Increase traffic
  • Engage with your audience
  • Etc

There are many more, all of which coincide with a demonstration of what our company can offer. This is dependent on the requirements. Our favourite response is:

“We will bring to your company a multitude of skills abilities working alongside your business as your digital marketing department”

This usually needs a bit more clarification, the easiest way I can put it, is this, if you were to employ:

  • a social media manager
  • digital marketing executive
  • seo manager
  • project manager
  • graphic designer
  • content writer

All of which make up a good digital marketing team. Your annual salary bill would be over £200,000 (based on average salaries). Not included taxes, training, paid advertising and expenses. The equivalent to a retainer of over £14,000 per month.

Our agency could be employed for a more reasonable amount, we are already trained and even pay our own expenses. When conveying to the businesses I meet, it is an eye opener for them.

It’s important to remember any costs we will give a client will be based on what we can deliver. Based within that set industry and its surrounding factors, such as competitors, products, current market share etc. I can tell you one thing for certain. The cost will be less than employing all these roles and also measurable against results.

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