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Herefordshire Business Awards Launch

Herefordshire Business Awards Launch

The Herefordshire Business Awards Launch is on Thursday 6th June. Join us there for an evening promoting local business! It is free to attend and begins at 6:00pm at Edgar Street.

Herefordshire Business Awards Launch

What do we enjoy the most about the awards ceremony?

We get a genuine buzz from seeing other local business succeed. The Herefordshire Business Awards is a great occasion where you’re surrounded by great people from fantastic companies, all striving to be the best they can. Of course, it’s great to be named as a finalist and even better to win but what we, as a company, enjoy is sharing in others’ success. Why? It is because we enjoy this on a daily basis as The DM Lab exists to help other businesses grow and succeed. We share this with our clients but the Herefordshire Business Awards allows us to be a part of the counties’ businesses successes.

How did we feel when our company name was announced as the winner?

The DM Lab as a company has experienced all the emotions of the ceremony. In 2017 we won ‘Growing Business of the Year’ which we are particularly proud because we exist because of the service we provide for our clients. Furthermore, as we grow businesses, we grow too as a result of increased reinvestment in our services. Therefore, if we are growing our clients’ businesses, we’ll share in their success and grow too. So, winning this award in particular was a proud moment as we were recognised for the work we do which aids our own business growth.

How has our company gained from winning the award?

Following the win, we made an increased effort to justify our win. We were up against some great businesses at that point – which we have worked with since including Julu, a fellow Small Business Saturday Small Biz 100, adding to the credibility of the win. To continue growing, we relocated to the City Centre and in the summer of last year hired Harvey, our apprentice, who will soon become a fully-fledged member of the team. We also gained enormous credibility from the local market. Allowing those who weren’t sure about maybe working with us added impetus as we do exactly what we say on the tin – make brilliant marketing simple!

How beneficial has winning the award been for us and our company?

As a new, local event, we wanted to be a part of the inaugral Herefordshire Business Awards back in 2017. It was the first awards we ever entered. The locality of the event, free to enter and supporting the local business community immediately had our interest. We were aware we were doing some great work and we thought if this could be formally recognised who knows what it could do for us. Following the win, it has encouraged us to grow further, giving us the confidence to push the business further. The award is evidence to potential clients that we aim to deliver as it’s mutually beneficial. We’ve proved we can grow businesses as well as our own – successfully. The award has gained us noticeable credibility locally and many opportunities have come from the win.

Why would you recommend people to enter the awards this year?

Now in it’s third year, the Herefordshire Business Awards 2019 will build on the success of its previous ceremonies. The event is focused on celebrating great local business. The event was improved in 2018 having learned from the inaugural event. This year is set to be even more successful and is looking to be the centrepiece of local business success. As one of the judges this year, Chris has been running a successful business since 2010 and has first hand experiences of what it takes to be an award-winning business. Chris is joined by fellow winner Sharon Pocock of Kinder Pocock to reinvigorate the judging panel and process. Adding to these fresh faces is established judge Charlotte Thomas who has invaluable knowledge of what it takes to be recognised as an award-winning business.

We want to help local businesses strive.

To be named as a finalist or winner is very credible. It will help raise your profile both locally and further afield. The entry process has been refined, it’s free to enter so we encourage you to enter and or nominate others. In October you’ll either be celebrating your own success or sharing in the success of others. It will be an excellent evening of food, drink, networking and celebrating businesses in Herefordshire. So many reasons to get involved. So many reasons to help businesses within the county stand up and be noticed further afield. Remember, Here you can!

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