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James Robinson School Of Motoring

Our recent push to encourage local businesses to embrace the Google update on April 21st, aka, ‘mobilegeddon‘, stressing the importance and ranking significance of creating a user friendly mobile website.

Some businesses have understood this, one being James Robinson School of Motoring. Our plan was (and still is – it’s not too late!) is to help small businesses like James’ school of motoring. Not see it as n opportunity to make a fast buck so we took the original layout and designed a new site to replicate the old but with mobile friendliness in mind. The result was an easy to navigate, simple website which James and Sally can rest assured that on and after April 21st, the new Google update will not affect their ranking in Google (in fact it will only improve as we have adhered to Google’s requirements).

We’re pleased with the site, it’s only a small project but we have helped James and Sally keep up to date with the constant changes for the better that Google keep implementing. Their already great web presence will be retained and the mobile friendly site will help them climb above others who may have thought that the update won’t affect us. Trust us, it will, and that is why we are pushing businesses to prepare for it!

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