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Why Mason Is A Key Member Of Our Team

Hopefully you’ve come across Mason at some point when you see anything to do with us. He’s cool, he’s cute and most importantly, he’s at the front of social media and email campaigns. What’s the reason behind this? Well, he’s omnipresent, he’s recognizable and he will become familiar. When you think of The DM Lab, you’ll think of Mason. This is good because you wouldn’t have dealt with him (as he’s a made up, drawn character) so if you had problems in the past with another team member, it won’t put you off dealing with us again. He’s also very adaptable. We can apply him to any situation with a serious or comedic theme. He’s an extension of all the good bits of each real team member, without any of the boring, unlikeable traits that may come as part and parcel with an actual team member. Let’s face it, some of aren’t blessed with being photogenic, so it takes away the agony of having to photograph ourselves doing stuff, attending events etc, you know, the promotional stuff that really isn’t that interesting! It’s great to put a face to a name, but if you have a face like mine, it can be a real disappointment. Mason however, likes to get his face anywhere he possibly can, which suits us fine!

Having an avatar does add a dynamic extension to a company. It’s not limited to what you yourself are. It can be anything you want it to be which can only be a good thing when it comes to self promotion and marketing material, right? We want mason to bring us the recognition and association that Mickey Mouse does for Disney. Granted, Mickey Mouse is not strictly Disney’s avatar, but you can’t disagree, he’s the first thing you think of when you think of Disney. THAT is the sort or lines we are going along. We don’t mind Mason taking the credit for the hard work we do as long as he keeps popping up and you guys are familiarizing yourself with him so when you do see him, you think of The DM Lab!