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Micro Business Awards UK 2021 Finalists!

Micro Business Awards UK 2021 Finalists!

We always try to make June a memorable month for us. This year – it certainly has been a special one. Mainly because it’s our birthday on the 22nd. We’re incredibly proud to have been in business for 11 years (and counting!). Without harping on too much, 2020, the year we celebrated a decade in business – was a pretty forgettable one for most of us micro businesses. Unfortunately this year, although celebrations were muted, we were delighted to be named a finalist at the Rural Business Awards. A particularly poignant achievement as we’re 1 of 3 ‘Best Rural Small Businesses’. A day after our 11th birthday, 11 years of creating a business that supports businesses, the community and creates employment opportunities. A fantastic achievement we’re really proud of.

Ending the birthday month on a high!

Fast forward a week later and we tune into the live announcement of the Micro Business Awards on Facebook, with founder Ruairi Devlin and Tony Robinson OBE. We’re big fans of Tony and his efforts to support us micro businesses during these difficult times. Tony – keep up the excellent work by the way! 8 minutes in and we were so pleased to be named as 1 of 3 of the ‘Giving Back – Business With Purpose’ finalists!

We so pleased to be named as it takes a lot of heart and an enormous amount of courage to run a business at the best of times. Add a global pandemic into the mix and resilience and perseverance become even more important. One of the most important aspects of The DM Lab is our commitment to support those around us. Embracing any opportunity that will benefit the community through the business. That is why being a finalist in this category means so much to us.

Micro Business Awards UK

A small company with a big heart. Cliché but true. Just take a look here for proof.

We’ve a lot to look forward to and this recognition at the Micro Business Awards UK is an excellent motivator to keep going and do more. Even more!

Well done to all the other finalists too. This recognition for us all is a light in these dark, uncertain times.