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Punk For A Day Day!

Well, I don’t consider myself a punk, but the scene is cool. I am however a huge fan of punk music! Big fan of ‘pop punk’ growing up (New Found Glory, NOFX and Blink-182 to name a few) but there was a proper punk band that I have been a massive fan of since forever. This band is Rancid. Tim Armstrong (guitar / vocals) seems like such a cool guy and his music is just amazing. Effortless vocals with really catchy, simple riffs and deep lyrics. Some of my personal favourite Rancid tracks are Memphis, Rwanda, Radio Havana, Olympia WA, Ruby Soho and Back Up Against The Wall to name just a couple.

So, as it’s Punk For A Day Day, I’m not gonna pretend to be something I aint, that would be an insult to real punkers, but this is our homage to an epic punk icon in our eyes. Yes there are other very cool guys, but this guy is something else.

Tim Armstrong – sir, we salute you!