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Rebranding & Merchandise for Quote Detective

In the summer of 2023, The DM Lab were commissioned to rebrand national specialist non-standard motor insurance company ‘Quote Detective’.

Directors David and Craig gave us free reign over our initial ideas. So, we thought outside of the box. A corporate re-skin was out of the question, given the ideas that the Quote Detective and The DM Lab team initially bounced around, we had an idea that would be as timeless as it would be engaging.

The process began with ideas and themes that the Quote Detective team really bought into – much to our excitement! So… We continued down an avenue far, far detached from their old brand.

With an interesting twist on the brand in full swing, we focused on the business name – Quote Detective – and naturally we developed a noir detective avatar who would be the face of the rebrand.

Continuing with ideas coming from all parties as the excitement built on the progress of the rebrand, there was an intriguing, engaging focus on the detective and the world of investigation tying into the world of insurance.

These two opposite ends of the spectrum were met with spectacular fashion!

After refining the look of the detective and developing the revised brand guidelines, the next step was engaging existing and potentially new customers. This opened up a world of potential as the brand was so cool and so versatile that it wasn’t what we could do, it’s how much we could do!

The detective spin allowed us to create a wealth of cool, fun material, such as evidence boards and noir-styled graphic novel art and graphic novel layouts… However, there was more to come!

Quote Detective send out a welcome pack to new customers so, we had an opportunity to push the brand in a way that would get people talking offline. In investigative styled documentation, we put forward marketing ideas that were as captivating as they were purposeful.

In what ways?

… Well, in these ways!

Check out these awesome custom keychains from the ever-excellent Stickermule. A pretty cool addition to a set of car keys or give to the kids.

Stickermule Custom Keychains for Quote Detetcive

Again, using the cool shield design, we created some branded air fresheners. If you’re taking out insurance, you’re likely to have bought a new car. Make it smell nice with a complimentary Quote Detective air freshener from Freshenify!

Freshenify custom air freshener for Quote Detetcive

Something else that the brand lent itself to in another cool way were the business cards. As well as the usual style and dimension of cards, we used Hoopsy to create some custom badge-shaped cards which Quote Detective founder David absolutely loved!

Custom-shaped Hoopsy business cards for Quote Detetcive

Such a cool rebrand and a piece of work we are incredibly proud of! Above all, this is just one of many award-winning, professional services The DM Lab offer. Want to find out more? Get in touch!