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Small Business Saturday 2019

We thought we’d do something different for this years’ Small Business Saturday. Historically, we have always involved ourselves. However, as we are a service based company, we can’t offer discounts or the like. But, we make up for it by offering tips and insights to help. We have a really good video of one of our presentations last year. If you have an hour, watch and take notes – it’ll be worth it!

Small Business Saturday Logo

But back to this years’ Small Business Saturday…

As any small business owner knows, it takes a lot of time and a lot more patience to succeed in business and grow a business. Next year, we’ll be 10 (as a company – 6 years as The DM Lab). So, we’ll be celebrating a decade of trading with some really exciting events.

You get out of running a business what you put in. We have been really fortunate to work with loads of great people and businesses. As a result, some awesome opportunities pop up here and there. Some work based…Some not.

For instance, one of which is the London Marathon. If you didn’t already know, we support Debbie and her team at the National Autistic Society (Herefordshire Branch) and from this partnership Debbie and NAS have presented us with an opportunity to take part in next years’ London Marathon and raise valuable funds for Debbie and the Herefordshire Branch.

What’s all this got to do with Small Business Saturday?

Well, in years’ past, we’ve not sold ourselves or our services. We’ve always made Small Business Saturday about helping others. This year will be no different, but we think we’ve earned a little shout out for ourselves this year, and again, selflessly, we want to dedicate our shout out to the awesome clubs, organisations and events we proudly support through the business.

As a business, we would like to thank Debbie and the team for their appreciation of The DM Lab and the opportunity to take part in the London Marathon. We’re not taking it lightly. We’ve been training and have pledged to raise a massive £4400 between us for the NAS Herefordshire Branch. We need your help to do this. We are only 20% complete – we really want to reach 100%.

The Autism spectrum is so broad, and there are so many facets of Autism that are misunderstood, so we want to help Debbie and the team help those who need it by raising awareness of the condition and the services and groups that the team at NAS Herefordshire deliver without question voluntarily and that has both our admiration and our support.

Here’s a video of Chris’ Speech at the NAS Charity Ball in November. We’re not experts by any stretch but we do want to help any way we can, and this is what Chris touches on here: