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Social Media Engineering

See something so staged on social meda that screams ‘Social Media Engineering’? Thought so. A picture paints a thousand words, right?

Sort of.

A great picture will get you a whole bunch of ‘Likes‘, ‘+1s‘ ‘pins‘ and ‘favourites / retweets‘. To get these, the picture has to be pretty special. A great landscape, a colourful sunset or a funny selfie. In most cases you take 2 or 3 pictures on your mobile phone and choose the best, as who knows who might see it. We’ve all done it.

But who is guilty of social media engineering? You know, you want to take a picture of a delicious meal, your pet or yourself at, for example, an iconic location. You get the angle right, you intentionally move things or yourself for the perfect composition.

Yep. Guilty as charged. We found this funny cartoon illustrating social media engineering (shared by on their Facebook page)


Far from a social media no-no these days. Everything is all about image. We know that. Especially when we’re documenting through the business. It has to be professional looking. Not something you’d share on a personal profile. A little more consideration has to be given.

Something to take away from this. Remember that Facebook’s optimum picture size is a portrait orientation. Twitter is more of a landscape. Bear this in mind next time you are engineering a photo for the desired platform. There is nothing worse than a cropped photo that you have to click to fully appreciate. Make sure it’s seen as it’s meant to be seen!