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Small Business Owners – Adapt and Overcome COVID-19!

Despite the radical changes we’ve had to undertake to continue delivering our award-winning service, we are very pleased to be able to say, 3 weeks in, that we are still very much able to continue working. We’re lucky that we’re able to say this as we know others have been impacted far more critically than us.  We’re very sorry to see so many friends and businesses struggling. If there is anything we can do to help, please get in touch. We just need to make it out the otherside so we’ve got to stick together.

Since our service is solely digital, we can continue to deliver to existing clients.

The point now isn’t to tout for new business and new clients and take advantage of those in need, instead we’re simply reaching out. If you feel your business could benefit in these tough times from some advice from digital marketing experts, please get in touch.

We’re still operating as normal (as normal can be under the circumstances!). The team are in touch via Basecamp and Slack during normal working hours if you need us. We’re also part of a fantastic group on Facebook that we strongly encourage small business owners to join. The group offers answers to questions you may have during these testing, uncertain times by fellow small business owners and insights from an accounting perspective.

With no end in sight yet, we’ll have to continue to club together and persevere.

We’ve loads of resources and literature, both in the form of blogs and booklets. If you feel that now is the time to consider your digital presence, please get in touch and we’ll direct you to the relevant materials. Of course, no obligation and no charge – just help. Please take advantage of this. Here are just a few useful bits and pieces for you:

The slideshow below accompanied the workbook we’ve uploaded to Issuu. If this workshop interests you let us know and we’ll present it to you digitally.