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Work Experience in Hereford: What is it Like at The DM Lab? – Adam’s Experience

Wondering about where to go for work experience in Hereford? Meet Adam – The DM Lab’s latest work experience student from The Hereford Academy. He has spent the full working week with us this week and has been challenged with a variety of different tasks ranging from front-end development to the basics of Photoshop. We were very impressed by how quickly he picked up these skills, especially to such a high standard. He has been a joy to have around and has grown in confidence as the week has gone on, which is amazing to see! Have a look at what Adam has to say about his experience with us below.

Adam (our work experience student) and Harvey

Work Experience in Hereford at The DM Lab

“Starting the week, I started learning how to program in HTML, as I never tried coding before. I made a test page at first when learning the language then was given the challenge to recreate The DM Lab’s ‘Stuff & Things’ newspaper. With the help of Joe and Harvey, I managed to recreate the front page of the newspaper.”

“On the second day, I was told to continue to recreate the newspaper article. However, I was told to try using CSS grid instead as a challenge. After a bit of trial and error with Joe, I managed to make the layout. Afterwards, I filled in the rest of it, finishing the 2nd page of the newspaper.”

“On the third day, I started to learn how to code in JavaScript. I also made a test page while learning it. I was told to recreate the 3rd page of the newspaper with a tabbed image gallery. As JavaScript is a more difficult language than HTML, I created everything from the page except for the tabbed image gallery by the end of the day.”

“On the fourth day, Chris decided to put me on Photoshop. He gave me a go at graphic design as I said earlier in the week that I enjoy art. At first I followed a tutorial to make a certain logo as I had never used the software before. Then I was told to make my own logo. I decided to make one about Rubix cubes, as cubing is one of my favourite hobbies. I challenged myself with making it look 3D and the result was just that.”


“Overall, the experience was an eye-opener for me. I never tried programming before but I loved doing it. This made me reconsider what I should do in the future and made me think about being a developer. The people here are also all friendly and welcoming. At first I was nervous as I didn’t know what I was going into. At the end of the week I was fully relaxed. I had a fantastic time here at The DM Lab.”

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