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The DM Lab – Community Endeavours

It’s not what we do to be successful, it what we do with our successes…

The DM Lab’s primary goal is to help other businesses succeed and grow. This is achieved by improving their online presence, leads and sales through digital marketing. Established in 2010, the business has itself grown steadily, with over 150 clients nationwide and worldwide. Our no-contract retainer model means businesses are not tied in, but as we prove our worth they reinvest so we can achieve more together. Although there is no ‘tangible’ end product, transparency and clear, realistic objectives are critical. Some businesses start small and grow, others want a bigger return on existing efforts, so we work with budgets and businesses big and small.

Working with, and growing businesses means we grow too. It is because of this that we ensure every client we have is successful. Honest and results driven. Our team has all the necessary skills in-house to offer a complete marketing solution. We’re working hard to establish the brand and a presence ourselves. Our notable achievements are being one of Small Business Saturday’s Small Biz 100 2018, winning ‘Growing Business of the Year’ at the 2017 Herefordshire Businesses Awards, winning ‘Entrepreneur / Business of the Year’ at the Sunshine Radio Pride Awards 2017, 2018 Spotlight Award winner and being a finalist at the Best of Britain awards and being a finalist in the ‘Creative Business of the Year’ at the Herefordshire Business Awards 2018. As our business goal is to grow other businesses, we benefit ourselves when clients reinvest their profits and increase their retainer.

How our business partakes in initiatives that support our local community

The DM Lab has a vested interest in supporting the local community. Despite our size, we do what we can to help clubs, organisations and events. By offering our marketing skills, we can help the clubs, organisations and events the same way we help businesses grow. We achieve this in a sustainable way by offering our services in exchange for sponsorships. The goal is to not be a financial burden ourselves, but come to a mutually beneficial agreement. We help 3 local rugby clubs, each with a venue / clubhouse acting as revenue stream for the clubs, 2 annual events, a football club, the Herefordshire branch of the National Autistic Society and most recently an organisation called ‘Comfort U Bags’, who give children going into foster care for the first time a backpack filled with everything they need to make the transition as easy as possible for them.

Every single one of our community endeavours we are passionate about, ensuring we can successfully help. This varies in nature for each but whatever the business is able to do to help, we do it. In March we are attending the Midlands Business Awards as ‘Corporate Commitment to the Community’ finalists.

Midlands Business Awards Finalist