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No Tangible End Product?! No Problem!

The DM Lab Digital Marketing Iceberg

How original. An analogy about how what we do (digital marketing) and how it can be likened to an iceberg. A digital marketing iceberg. How? Because much of what we do goes unseen.

The DM Lab Digital Marketing Iceberg

Ah, so you do nothing and this post is justifying it?!

Nah. As there is no tangible end product, it’s difficult to appreciate digital marketing and the work that goes into it. Meaning you can only see a fraction of what actually goes in to it. Things like social media following, lines on analytical graphs, numbers and visual elements – like graphics and imagery.

Web traffic, leads and sales is what you want to see, getting them is another matter. Which is why we came up with The DM Lab marketing iceberg. Now it makes sense, right?!

We often get asked what we do for what we charge. It varies from client to client. Focus shifts depending on markets, sectors or even goals. There’s no templated formula. However finding the right formula takes time and research – you don’t see that – and that’s just the start of the unseen effort.

There’s always something to be done.

There’s no set routine or timings as such. Testing takes time and if we get it right first time, you start to see things happening. If it needs tweaking or refining, not so as much initially but then an influx of activity…hopefully!

We’ve said it before that our goal is to increase your traffic, leads and sales. We do this so you’ll want to re-invest the resulting profits to make more…well, profit. As you grow, you want to invest more, we grow with you.

So, if the question ever pops into your mind that you’re not sure about anything, we’ll reassure you. We’ll point you in the direction of data and analytics. We’re not hiding what we do, there’s just not that much to see ultimately. Lots of tabs open in Chrome and numerous pieces of software running. Far from glamorous however all serving a valuable purpose.