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How Referrals & Reviews Help Us Grow

We are lucky in that we have made many connections through various avenues. When we can, we always network, whether this is a BoB club or just a general get together. Through these we have met and worked with many great, supportive people and after working with them, we are never short of a referral or two. This helps us to build our reputation. We’re always doing what we can for our clients and if anything isn’t working, we always find a way to rectify this.

We are very fortunate as our business model is to market other people’s businesses; often we neglect to market ourselves. I know this sounds terrible as we always strive to practice what we preach. Marketing a business is a full time job, so when a client is paying us to market them and their business, there is rarely any time to do it for ourselves. This is why we find referrals and reviews such a fundamental part of growing our business. Testimonials from customers ensure that new customers have an unbiased view of our services, reviews are honest and if anything can be done better, we implement changes ready for the next client, so we are continually refining methods and improving all the time, guaranteeing you a great service that we pride ourselves on.

We are always so grateful when an existing customer refers us (or even when an old customer mentions us). We are getting our name out there. One thing is for sure we are a small company with a BIG impact. As most of our new business comes by way of referrals, it gives us peace of mind that we are offering the best service possible. Our clients know this and it is fantastic that they appreciate us so much that they pass on our name to others.

One of our oldest clients, ISO Quality Services Limited, in particular Jennifer Appleton has helped us grow and establish ourselves by inviting us to networking events and she is always sending potential clients our way. We would also like to give Colita Dainton a special mention. She also has helped us develop and grow and we have some exciting things in prospect for the future. We are so lucky to have such great people around us who have helped us become who we are today! With so many connections, and understanding the importance of referrals ourselves, we always do the same for you guys, if we think that what one of our clients offers will suit the needs of another, we always name drop 😉

“You’re Only As Good As Who You Surround Yourself With”