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Do You Practise What You Preach?

As a digital marketing agency our clients pay us to develop their online presence and keep them active and engaging on social media to name a few. We love doing this. We would OVE to do this for ourselves – but our dedicated team are so engrossed in the day to day duties of marketing others we often find we have no time for ourselves. We are guilty, are you?!

Good job we have established ourselves and that the work we do reflects well on us – though we do tend to neglect ourselves a little too much. It’s a case of “Do as we say, not as we do!” We are making time to do for ourselves what we do for our clients, we blog, are active on social media, regular newsletters and we have a modern and optimized website.

It became apparent to us that people were put off by our (very) old website, with pages and pages of content, although all optimized and ranking well in Google it just didn’t visually do us any favours. Now we are proud and want to show off our new, metro, minimal, clean, crisp AND responsive website, rather than having to reference websites we’ve developed to convince potential customers that we know what we’re doing!

We do know our stuff, but often the hardest thing to do is dedicate some time to your own business. Paying customers always come first, but on the flipside you don’t get paid to do what we do for ourselves. For big companies employing staff to do this is the answer, but we are only small but have addressed this and spend time practicing what we preach!