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What’s The DM Lab All About Then?

What’s the deal?

Despite almost 12 years in business, it still surprises us that people either don’t realise who we are, what we do and what the ‘DM’ in The DM Lab stands for! So, let’s recap! The business, built on blood, sweat and tears by Chris and Dale (yes, there’s more than one main dude at The DM Lab), but yes, Chris is the ‘main’ main dude who is the bands’ frontman if you will. Dale is more like the bass player – you don’t realise he’s there but if he wasn’t, you’d soon realise there’s something missing!

Good marketing starts with a good website - The DM Lab Team can help!

However, no, the ‘D’ in The DM Lab has nothing to do with Dale’s name either – it stands for ‘digital marketing’ would you believe! Yep, we are digital marketing specialists. But what is digital marketing? Well, it’s whatever it needs to be. What a ropey answer huh?! Let us elaborate so it doesn’t sound so shady! Yes we build websites – and we pride ourselves on our work. However, websites are just the start. The foundations if you will, to ongoing digital marketing…

Good marketing starts with a good website.

But how are we different…?

We won’t charge you through the nose for a website to love you and leave you high and dry once it is completed. No, we’ll charge a fair price, but what we want is for you to invest your hard earned cash. So what we need in order to achieve this is a good website. A very good website. One we can get under the skin of. Not like this Wix, SquareSpace stuff. That sends shivers down our spines when we hear that we have to work with them. Yes, they’ve got better but they are still very limited in what we can do with them. You want something of your own. Something unique. Out of the box solutions work for some things – just not everything unfortunately.

Everybody has website these days anyway.

If you haven’t, you can bang something together, often for free, on the internet somewhere. But they’re never really free and when did ‘free’ ever be associated with something of value. You don’t give good stuff away for free, do you?! That’s the thing with us. We’d feel guilty, and be really bad at what we do, if we costed you money. Sure, you pay us to market your business, but we don’t aim to be a cost. We want to MAKE you money. We want to become an asset. If we’re costing you money, we aren’t doing our jobs properly. As long as we have something good to work with, we’ll turn your website into a business asset. THAT’S what we do. We can’t say how we do it – but we do.

Good marketing starts with a good website - good work aint free and free work aint good

So to recap…

We develop websites and We develop your web presence through digital marketing. We also design stuff. Flyers, booklets, posters etc. We print them too. That is the silent partners’ job. If you hadn’t guessed who the silent partner is, it’s Dale. Under our cliched ‘one roof’, we have web development, digital marketing and graphic design expertise. That pretty much covers everything you’d need for successful digital marketing campaign of any size… For any ‘thing.’

No, we’re no a one man band. Recently, we’re shocked to learn that some think this is the case. We have a super cool office in town to house our awesome team of 5 (and growing!) There’s a heck of a lot more to us than the above too. Check us out on social media. We try not to bore you to death with work ‘stuff’ – we’re up to all sorts of actual interesting stuff. Grab a brochure to see what we’re really all about – or better still, come and see us!

Step into our world and see what we can do for you…and who can do it! We might surprise you!