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Digital Marketing Agency vs Individually Hired Workforce

A marketing department would include a copywriter, a graphic designer, a project manager, a website developer, a website manager, SEO manager, a social media manager, an analyst and if you need them – sales people.

Between 5-10 people if you were to successfully market a business. 5-10 people on, let’s say, £20,000 salary each. You’re looking to spend at least £100,000 a year on staff.

Let’s put this into perspective. Imagine if you could have all the expertise of these people but at a fraction of the cost. Sound appealing? We, as an overall Digital Marketing Agency, will operate as your dedicated marketing department. We undertake everything we need to do to successfully market your business externally. Businesses are comfortable with the fact that we offer a ‘white label’ marketing solution – as far as anyone is aware – WE are YOU!

You do what you do, we do what we need to do.

As the graphic above illustrates, a marketing department is out of reach for small businesses. At a fraction of the cost we offer everything that 5-6 individually trained staff can with the same results. Actually, we like to think our results are even better!

Small business owners, sometimes even medium sized business owners often take on the role of Marketing Director out of necessity rather than will. Do not confuse Marketing Director with Company Director, focus on your strengths and leave the marketing to a dedicated Digital Marketing Agency. Our business is digital marketing, it is our only focus, so why should you burden yourselves with it?

Your time and passion needs to go into your business, let us spend our time and passion marketing it for you!

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