Social Strategies That Make Your Connections Work on Your Behalf

No one’s a stranger to social media and in this day and age it seems everyone’s a social media expert. Social media for business though is a whole new formula that requires the right mix of ingredients to produce real results.

Steering away from the general profile management, (that any teenager can execute with aplomb), The DM Lab turns social media on its head to shake out all the secrets, in order to make your connections work for your conversions.

As the REAL social media experts we will:

1)      Manage all accounts across every established and trending platform, ensuring they work in harmony while content is unique to each network

2)      Interact in real time with your connections to bring you real time leads and to enhance your reputation for spot on customer care

3)      Adapt the content to suit the audience, for instance:

  • Business Insights and articles for LinkedIn
  • Entertaining, shareable content for Facebook
  • Quick content that engages at a glance for Twitter
  • Image rich content for Pinterest
  • Popular videos for YouTube
  • Tips and Advice for your target market for Google +

We also use every platform as an extra tool for analysis allowing you to know your customers like never before while we deliver content that we know they’re going to love.

Don’t Stop Us Now

One of the key ingredients to a winning social media formula is consistency. Stale pages are akin to tumbleweed blowing through the Wild West. People want to be where the action is and we make sure the action is on your page by keeping your audience engaged.

As an all-encompassing service, we integrate social media into your website as standard and it goes without saying that our strategies increase your traffic and bring you more visitors as standard.

Real social media experts make brilliant marketing simple…

Our Benefits in Bitesize

We manage social media strategies spanning multiple platforms

  • Carrying out social analytics we can help you discover main players in your industry, build a strong following, understand your audience, interact in real time with people.
  • Using well developed content strategies we will keep your audience engaged
  • All our strategies for social media will still be based on ABO model
  • We will use social media as a cross selling platform, helping drive traffic to the website
  • We will integrate social media into your website and other digital marketing areas such as landing pages and email marketing

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A Complex Formula, Simply Mixed to Deliver Success

We love analysis but although we’re passionate about it, we don’t expect you to live and breathe analysis as we do. That’s why we make it easy for you to receive the incredible results analysis can deliver without getting your hands dirty with dashboards, HTML, tracking codes or geeky data.

Quite simply, we deliver while you keep your focus directly on your business. Just like any perfect formula, every service The DM Lab produces a positive reaction that you can experience first-hand.

Our analytics and training delivers on every level as we:

  • Give you a competitive advantage with in-depth insight
  • Focus on increasing conversions and results
  • Uncover areas that need improvement in order to deliver more
  • Gain access to the psychology of your target market
  • Show you a complete profile of your average customer
  • Ensure you are benefitting from every relevant analysis strategy to beat your competition
  • Enable you to target your competition’s customers
  • Give you results that you can act on immediately to increase signs ups, conversions or traffic

Making brilliant marketing simple, we access all areas to enable a chain reaction that gathers data as it travels deep through social media, analytics, ads and the web before producing results you can act on to grow!

Making Brilliant Marketing Simple!

Our Benefits in Bitesize:

  • We carry out deep analytics and behavioural analysis
  • Analytics can be carried out on all mediums, social media, websites, paid advertising, organics
  • We glean useful insights from reports, then make sound marketing decisions based on them
  • Everything we do is based on the ABO Model (Acquisitions, Behaviours, Outcomes)
  • Acquisitions = How we capture them
  • Behaviours = What we want them to do, micro or macro conversions
  • Outcomes = Generate revenue, sign-ups
  • The reporting is carried out and fedback to the client in format that’s clear and concise. We even offer an online portal for ease of access.
  • Our aims will always to be maximise the outcomes as well as increase the acquisitions.
  • Competitor analysis understanding how your competitors operate online and what campaigns are they doing to achieve results
  • Competitor intelligence will empower you even further


Speak to us >> now to discuss your analytical needs.

Emails That You Want to Open

Good email marketing is more than sending offers to your mailing list, it incorporates a range of platforms and in-depth psychology to ensure your message isn’t missed.

Along with putting it in front of your target audience, we ensure your emails appeal to your recipients, ensuring they open up and act when seeing the content.

Many customers see emails from companies as spam, only those that use clever techniques make it past the preconceptions. The DM Lab brings together a wide array of elements, to ensure your email marketing campaigns appeal to every sense.

Through creative design, cross selling platforms, integration of mediums and incredible content we:

  • Appeal to your target market while maintaining your brand image
  • Provide an email marketing platform
  • Make email marketing work for increasing traffic, conversions and sales
  • Build loyalty through clever marketing and content
  • Bring buyers back to your brand
  • Follow it through to the end, ensuring all systems are optimised to carry the visitor through to the buy or contact button
  • Focus on real results

Feature rich, enticing and engaging, our email marketing enhances your reputation for quality while boosting your marketing strategies dramatically.

It’s brilliant marketing made simple…

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Campaigns That Use the Right Words to Deliver Results

There’s no denying AdWords has incredible potential for generating incredible profits. It boosts conversions dramatically and is an essential element in any savvy marketing strategy. It’s also intangible, leaving it open to deception as many take your money without delivering results.

As an AdWords certified company, we’re different. We produce results you can see, you can watch your visitor numbers increase, your leads become hotter and your conversions increase. Through the right mix we’re always focused on the end result, the result that ultimately grows your business from the inside.

See Us in Action

Our AdWords team develop bespoke formulas that deliver positive reactions across all your marketing as we:

  • Research heavily
  • Consider your customers AND your competition to appeal to one and beat the other
  • Develop campaigns that deliver
  • Design all aspects to integrate seamlessly, to ensure incredible UX
  • Improve conversions through thorough testing

You know the campaign is just the beginning, we see it through to the very end, ensuring every step along your new customer’s journey is easy, allowing them to gravitate towards that contact or buy button without using too much thought.

Tailored to your budget, this is AdWords the way it should be, AdWords that don’t only deliver clicks, AdWords that deliver business growth.

It’s making brilliant marketing simple…

Speak to us >> today and start driving targeted traffic to your site.

SEO That Allows You to Grow Without Compromising Your Reputation

You’re in business and as such you’re probably sick of hearing the acronym SEO. Unfortunately there’s no other way to describe optimising a business for search engines no matter how much it’s changed over the years.

Forget the keyword stuffed copy, forget the dodgy backlinks and forget the spamming of forums with details of your products or services. There’s a better way to do SEO, a way that won’t need completely redoing the next time Google rolls out an update.

It’s organic. Since the updates, Google has favoured those websites that deliver high quality content, great user experiences and information people want to share. All reputable businesses optimise their websites to deliver this as standard as it’s more than their reputation’s worth.

That’s exactly what we do, we make you stand out from the competition by ensuring you receive solid foundations that will still benefit your business in years to come. Assessing your target market we build your brand not just for its products or services but for its ability to engage and entertain its visitors.

It just so happens, Google loves this too.

That’s the key to making brilliant marketing simple!

Speak to us >> today and see what we can do!

Giving You the Tools You Need to Succeed

We also offer onsite training to give you or your staff the tools you need to manage your marketing in house, ensuring your knowledge grows alongside your brand.

Although our services allow you to enjoy a hands off approach to your marketing and analysis, we understand that acquiring our skills in house offers long term results.

This is why we offer training to your staff allowing your company to gain the skills they need to continue with the great work we implement. Covering every aspect of analysis and marketing, we work closely with your team to ensure they are left completely confident that they can drive growth alone. We also offer never ending support so you always have help on hand when you need it.

As a Google AdWords certified company we deliver training at all levels from entry to MD. Helping your company to embrace digital marketing we empower you to make the most of your strategies both on and offline.

You’ll be left feeling motivated, inspired, more knowledgeable and ready to optimise every platform for marketing success.

Like us, you’ll have your sights firmly set on results as we make brilliant marketing simple for you.

Speak to us >> now to see how we can help.

About Us

We are a team of unique individuals that are fun to work with but deadly serious about marketing. Each one of us has individual experience, expertise and qualifications that allow us to deliver a supreme marketing service unlike any other.

Individually we all excel in our own fields, from web design to public relations and content marketing to CRM and journalism and AdWords. Together, we bring our unique elements to the mix to deliver the perfect marketing formula for your business.

On the outside we may look like a team of geeks with our heads forever stuck in front of a monitor but step inside the World Wide Web and you’ll see we’re the Godzilla that rules the roost! We’re all passionate about our skills and this shines through in our work as we live and breathe our dream every single day.

We have trained for years to gain our qualifications and win our awards but we don’t expect you to become an expert in our services as others do. We’re here to make it easy at every stage of the game, so you can concentrate on your special skills confident we’ve got your marketing covered.

It’s brilliant marketing made simple. A complex formula that produces a chain reaction that can be seen across the internet by your target market and new customers alike.

You can see in our case studies how our result driven approach has worked for many respected companies already and with each success we’ve grown a little bigger allowing you to now benefit from he DM Lab treatment.

Despite our differences of talents, we all share the same vision for your business, we all want to produce results you can see; results that make your online presence and reputation grow.

We’re business people too and we know that ultimately you want to drive valuable visitors to your website, you want to increase conversions, you want to retain your customers and you want to become a leading voice in your industry.

We can do that!

Speak to us >> to tell us about your vision and we’ll tell you how we’ll make it happen.

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The DM Lab creates customised, high-value inbound marketing solutions for any type of business. We will learn your industry, business processes and develop Key Performance Indicators, which allows us to measure the success of any marketing strategy in place. Our inbound marketing covers content driven strategies, social media marketing, PPC advertising, e-marketing and much more.


Social Media

No one’s a stranger to social media and in this day and age it seems everyone’s a social media expert. Social media for business though is a whole new formula that requires the right mix of ingredients to produce real results.



There’s no denying AdWords has incredible potential for generating incredible profits. It boosts conversions dramatically and is an essential element in any savvy marketing strategy. See how we can help deliver results for your business.


Email Marketing

Good email marketing is more than sending offers to your mailing list, it incorporates a range of platforms and in-depth psychology to ensure your message isn’t missed. Along with putting it in front of your target audience, we ensure your emails appeal to your recipients.


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  • rippo

    Richard Wilde

    Hardcore Geek

    Richard AKA “Rippo the Geek” has been writing bespoke software since the early 90’s after graduating with a computer science degree. He specialises in all the functional aspects of websites from creating b2b networking portals, e-commerce sites, payment systems, private members area, content management systems and much more.

    His strength lies in understanding business problems and uses a multitude of technology to solve problems. He considers himself as an all-rounder that can develop on both the front and back end. He says that he can take any piece of business data, move it sideward and present it on any device.

    To cap it all, he runs a monthly developers user group for true geeks and has presented to other developers across the UK.

    Get geeky:

  • chris

    Chris Tipping

    Marketing Director

    Chris is the managing director of The DM Lab and has built the company from the bottom up. He has experience in the sales industry and dealing with clients face – face. To go alongside his 10 years experience in the sales and marketing sector he has a degree in Computer Science, Networks and Information Security.

    He also possesses a further 5 years experience in the web development industry, where he harnessed skills in programming and online marketing. Running successful SEO , PPC and digital marketing campaigns.

    His vision and determination is second to none and will always make sure a project is carried out at the highest possible standards.

    Keep up with Chris:

  • dale

    Dale G

    Visual Scientist

    Dale is the lead designer for The DM Lab, he has 9 years experience in the design industry, as well as an extensive interest in art and design, focusing on the subject at secondary school, sixth form both at Hereford Cathedral School. Also achieving the Blackler Prize for Art in the final year at sixth form, then progressing his learning and skills set to university degree level where he studied Animation and the Moving Image at North East Wales Institute of Higher Education, achieving a BA (Hons) degree.

    His skills range from web and graphic design, 2D technical drawings to 3D design and modelling. This diverse range of abilities allows Dale to make client’s business concepts come alive in design.

    His eye for detail, dynamic style and focus makes him valuable asset to any design and development team.

    Be creative with Dale:

  • mason


    Lab Technician

    Mason pops up all over the place here at The DM Lab.

    Heading up most of our social media profiles, so don’t be shy, say hello! He will keep you up to date with all the goings on here at the Lab as well as cooking up some things himself and hopefully staying out of trouble!

    Say hello!