A Complex Formula, Simply Mixed to Deliver Success

We love analysis but although we’re passionate about it, we don’t expect you to live and breathe analysis as we do. That’s why we make it easy for you to receive the incredible results analysis can deliver without getting your hands dirty with dashboards, HTML, tracking codes or geeky data.

Quite simply, we deliver while you keep your focus directly on your business. Just like any perfect formula, every service The DM Lab produces a positive reaction that you can experience first-hand.

Our analytics and training delivers on every level as we:

  • Give you a competitive advantage with in-depth insight
  • Focus on increasing conversions and results
  • Uncover areas that need improvement in order to deliver more
  • Gain access to the psychology of your target market
  • Show you a complete profile of your average customer
  • Ensure you are benefiting from every relevant analysis strategy to beat your competition
  • Enable you to target your competition’s customers
  • Give you results that you can act on immediately to increase signs ups, conversions or traffic

Making brilliant marketing simple, we access all areas to enable a chain reaction that gathers data as it travels deep through social media, analytics, ads and the web before producing results you can act on to grow!

Making Brilliant Marketing Simple!

Our Benefits in Bitesize:

  • We carry out deep analytics and behavioural analysis
  • Analytics can be carried out on all mediums, social media, websites, paid advertising, organics
  • We glean useful insights from reports, then make sound marketing decisions based on them
  • Everything we do is based on the ABO Model (Acquisitions, Behaviours, Outcomes)
  • Acquisitions = How we capture them
  • Behaviours = What we want them to do, micro or macro conversions
  • Outcomes = Generate revenue, sign-ups
  • The reporting is carried out and fedback to the client in format that’s clear and concise. We even offer an online portal for ease of access.
  • Our aims will always to be maximise the outcomes as well as increase the acquisitions.
  • Competitor analysis understanding how your competitors operate online and what campaigns are they doing to achieve results
  • Competitor intelligence will empower you even further

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