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Social Strategies That Make Your Connections Work on Your Behalf

No one’s a stranger to social media and in this day and age it seems everyone’s a social media expert. Social media for business though is a whole new formula that requires the right mix of ingredients to produce real results.

Steering away from the general profile management, (that any teenager can execute with aplomb), The DM Lab turns social media on its head to shake out all the secrets, in order to make your connections work for your conversions.

As the REAL social media experts we will:


1)      Manage all accounts across every established and trending platform, ensuring they work in harmony while content is unique to each network.

2)      Interact in real time with your connections to bring you real time leads and to enhance your reputation for spot on customer care

3)      Adapt the content to suit the audience, for instance:

  • Business Insights and articles for LinkedIn
  • Entertaining, shareable content for Facebook
  • Quick content that engages at a glance for Twitter
  • Image rich content for Pinterest
  • Popular videos for YouTube
  • ips and Advice for your target market for Google+

We also use every platform as an extra tool for analysis allowing you to know your customers like never before while we deliver content that we know they’re going to love.

Don’t Stop Us Now

One of the key ingredients to a winning social media formula is consistency. Stale pages are akin to tumbleweed blowing through the Wild West. People want to be where the action is and we make sure the action is on your page by keeping your audience engaged.

As an all-encompassing service, we integrate the relevant platforms into your website as standard. It goes without saying that our strategies increase your traffic and bring you more visitors as standard.

Our Benefits in Bitesize

We manage social media strategies spanning multiple platforms

  • Carrying out social analytics we can help you discover main players in your industry, build a strong following, understand your audience, interact in real time with people.
  • Using well developed content strategies we will keep your audience engaged
  • All our strategies for social media will still be based on ABO model
  • We will use social media as a cross selling platform, helping drive traffic to the website
  • We will integrate social media into your website and other digital marketing areas such as landing pages and email marketing

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