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We Showed Digital Some Love This Valentine’s Day!

Love Digital Event at the Three Counties Hotel

Today is Thursday, 14th February. Valentine’s Day. A regular day but because of clever marketing and social media hype (and pressure) it’s apparently the only day you can legitimately show your affection to others. Buy flowers, buy chocolate, buy cards. A retailers dream. But anyway, we’re not interested in that, we’re showing digital some love today at the #LoveDigital event!

What is #LoveDigital?

Not a commercial trap to make you spend money, that’s for sure! #LoveDigital is about getting business owners to fall in love with digital…If they haven’t already. There is loads going on and we’re one a few other exhibitors. Not pushing any sales, but if you have a question – ask us!

You can count on us for solid, trustworthy advice. If you are interested in growing with your business with a company like The DM Lab then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Today we’re sharing the love for all things digital. There is so much potential but so many companies aren’t embracing it enough…or not at all.

Why are we getting involved in Love Digital?

First off, we were kindly invited to exhibit at Love Digital by Lyndsay and Charlotte of the Marches Growth Hub. After sharing our expertise with those who attended our Small Business Saturday’s Small Biz 100 event, they saw how ‘into this’ we are. Couple that with our passion to see others succeed because of our work – you have a winning combination!

We’re 100% dedicated and passionate about what we do. We’ve been a focused digital marketing agency since 2014. We haven’t popped up overnight. We’ve learned loads over the years. There is far, far more to digital marketing than Google Ads, social media and blogging. The way we search has evolved. If you don’t keep abreast of these changes you’ll never be found.

About the day

We always open and receptive to new techniques and ideas. We don’t stop learning. The workshops offered some fascinating insights and we took a few points away ourselves so very worth while!

Smartphone Filmmaking with Shooting Reels

Entering the Impossible with Sly Spirit

Digital Marketing Planning Workshop with Lucas Karemo

Together with these insights we gathered, we also have the follow links to offer. We’ve compiled some useful resources fundamental to a successful online presence:

Hopefully you all grabbed an SEO For Beginners guide we put together which complimented a lot of the points Lucas made!

MicroBizMattersDay - SEO For Beginners Booklet


Finally, we would like to thank everyone who took the time to chat to us or grab something off our little stand. Familiar faces and new faces alike – it’s always good to reacquaint old friendships and make new ones!

Well done to Lyndsay & Charlotte who put together the event too! We thought it was really good and count us in for any future events, we’d love to support you guys!