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Small Business SEO Tips and Tools

We have had a very busy Small Business Saturday!

We really do hope we’ve offered any small Business SEO tips and tools plus some insights into marketing yourself online. As always if it seems too complicated or daunting, it’s what we do. So drop us a line!

We compiled loads of awesome tips and tools on Twitter today – if you missed them, don’t worry! Here they all are in one place for you to reference. We’re too good to you aren’t we?!

Before that however, we answer the question ‘why work with an agency like ours?’

Small Business Saturday - Small Business SEO Tips and Tools

Following that, here is what we are offering on Small Business Saturday.

Back to the small business SEO tips and tools!

Check your site speed using the Google Developers’ tool:

Don’t put off your website visitors will long page load times. If images are the problem, then try this to deliver a faster loading website:

Check your website is mobile friendly:

By now your website should be. Nobody likes to scroll around or have to pinch zoom!

If you run a small business you should definitely be blogging regularly to help with your marketing efforts.

The Yoast SEO plugin is an absolute must have. Read our blog about how you can get the most from your blogs:

In addition to our post, make sure you check out Yoast’s SEO basics – how to optimize a blog post:

Want more?! Try this! Yoast’s 10 tips for awesome & SEO-friendly blog posts:

Securing your site with SSL 🔒

Google has publically stated that SSL is now a ranking signal in Google’s search algorithm. Get in touch to find out how we can help implement.

Moz’s info to get you on the road to professional quality SEO:

Further to this, Moz’s SEO basics:

Search Engine Watch’s 10 steps to successful SEO for startups:

User experience is absolutely paramount. Here are HubSpot’s 10 tips to improve your website’s user experience

Search Engine Land’s 6 Easy Ways To Improve Your Site’s Navigation

HubSpot’s 10 SEO Tools to Analyze Your Website Like Google Does

We hope you’ve found our tweets useful today. Here’s one last one for you! Thanks!

We like to think we know what we’re talking about. You can trust us as a multi-award winning company!

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