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At The DM Lab, we’re not just a digital marketing agency; we’re a force for positive change. Our mission extends beyond business success to create a lasting, positive impact on our world.

Environmental Responsibility

We are deeply committed to environmental sustainability. The DM Lab operate as a 99% paperless company, harnessing the power of digital technology to reduce waste and conserve precious resources. We choose efficient hardware and power down at the end of each day to minimise our carbon footprint. Our partnership with Hereford Pedicargo, a zero-emissions bicycle courier, reflects our dedication to reducing waste, one pedal at a time. We actively support initiatives that champion sustainability and environmental preservation, both locally and globally. This inclued taking part in the Hereford leg of the ‘Running Out of Time’ Climate Relay – an epic 2,661km relay and we helped to carry the baton from Ben Nevis to Big Ben!

Social Impact

Our commitment to positive social impact drives us to contribute to local sustainability initiatives and support movements that inspire change. We’re proud members of The Great Collaboration, a digital platform that unites individuals and organisations to tackle environmental crises. We’re an active part of Herefordshire Green Network, fostering long-term sustainable change in our community. We’ve taken the Greener Footprints Pledge and planted trees with Ecologi to combat climate change. By nurturing our climate-positive workforce, we aim to be leaders in the battle for a greener future.

Building a Better Tomorrow

Our journey towards becoming a B Corp Certified company epitomises our dedication to social and environmental responsibility. Through continual self-assessment, improvement, and collaboration, we seek to make a positive difference in the lives of our employees, clients, and the communities we serve. We are on a path to becoming a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and socially-conscious business, where even the smallest changes contribute to a brighter future.