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In Case of Zombies – Break Glass

We entered a local competition where we had the chance to win some wall art based on our entry submission.

The competition was held by local sign writers Sign-Rite who we know through various channels (Facebook, Twitter etc) so we thought ‘Why not? Let’s have a bash!’

Guess what?

We won!

This was our entry based on an actual wall mounted box with glass screen, inside which was various zombie killing paraphernalia. We love zombies and all things associated with them so naturally we were designing something that we would love to have in our little office.

Break Glass [Small]

Aware that the competition prize was not a box with zombie killing weaponry, we designed a graphic that looks like it has such things inside of it, behind glass. We were essentially creating a 3D image that would look almost real when adhered to the wall.

Yesterday we had the guys from Sign-Rite over to unveil and put up our winning graphic – and it looks amazing!