Signed Sale Sharks Shirt Thanks to Denny Solomona!

This week was the same as any other week. Working on projects, meetings, calls and picking up a few new jobs. However this week was made even more amazing than usual with the addition to something very cool. Thanks to Olivia and UKFast, our amazing partners, we have received something very cool which we are […]

How We Have Built Brand Consistency

How We Have Built Brand Consistency Our brand (and brand consistency) is the story that connects you, the people, to the services we offer. As a design and digital marketing agency, we like to thing we do things well. We like to think we do things properly too! We’re not sure how engaging digital marketing […]

The DM Lab – A Small Digital Marketing Agency With BIG Ambitions

The DM Lab – A Small Digital Marketing Agency With BIG Ambitions Well, we’re well into 2018 now and we have already met some great new people and businesses through our agency. We get asked these questions frequently. So here is a little introduction to our digital marketing agency The DM Lab. Where we came […]

The DM Lab: January Review

It’s the end of the first month of 2018. It’s gone pretty quick! However we still can’t let go of 2017 and can’t bring ourselves, still, to say goodbye. It was a fantastic year. The business achieved so much and we as individuals did so much. We put together this infographic over on of The […]

No Tangible End Product?! No Problem!

The DM Lab Digital Marketing Iceberg How original. An analogy about how what we do (digital marketing) and how it can be likened to an iceberg. A digital marketing iceberg. How? Because much of what we do goes unseen. Ah, so you do nothing and this post is justifying it?! Nah. As there is no […]

Great Digital Marketer Or A Good Digital Marketer?

Question – what makes a good digital marketer a great digital marketer The difference between a good digital marketer and a great digital marketer is… A couple of hours! That’s our take on Search Engine Journal‘s latest poll on Twitter anyway! It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be – […]

The DM Lab Team Wye Valley Challenge 2018

We’ve committed to the Wye Valley Challenge! The Wye Valley Challenge is a 100km walk / jog / run from Chepstow to Hereford. The DM Lab team aren’t strangers to events. Whether they be running, cycling, swimming or canoeing. Over Christmas last year we set our team goals, aside from our important business goals. We […]

What Does it Take to be A Credible Digital Marketer?

What Does it Take to be A Credible Digital Marketer? We see people banding around ‘Digital Marketer’ as a profession all too often. What does it actually take to be deemed as a credible digital marketer? Dabbling with a business’ social media account makes me a digital marketer, right? I wrote a blog therefore I’m […]

MicroBizMattersDay – Friday 12th January

After an incredible 2017, we’re looking to give something back on MicroBizMattersDay. So, today, on MicroBizMattersDay we’re rolling out loads of useful tips. Tips on how to market your micro business. We’ll be sharing useful information on both our Twitter and Facebook platforms. Be sure to check out both and we hope there’s at least […]

Facebook Story on Business Pages (+Templates!)

Have you discovered the new Facebook Story on your business page? On the Facebook Pages now there’s a cool new feature for your Business’ Facebook Story. If you haven’t, this is what we’re talking about… Discovering this for the first time? Navigate to your page, click the ‘About’ menu item and on a desktop it […]

The DM Lab Featured in Business Direction 41

From a business point of view we did not want 2017 to end. The year seemed to get better and better for us! After picking up 2 awards and numerous other accreditations it was a brilliant year. The challenge now is making 2018 even better! January is always a tough month mentally. After the Christmas […]

A Christmas Message From The DM Lab

2017 has been a great year. Christmas is almost upon us! You’ve probably seen our successes. However it wasn’t always plain sailing. You’ve seen the reward but not the effort that went into achieving what we have. The reason we are in business and doing what we do is thanks to you, our clients and […]

Digital Marketing Budget – Five Ways to Make it go Further

Five ways to make your digital marketing budget go further As any experienced marketer will tell you, digital marketing can be a time and money pit. But only if you aren’t careful. There is always more you could be doing. New channels to try and new audiences to reach. It’s easy for your digital marketing […] – Approved Supplier to The DM Lab are an online print company that we love! Not sure what deems a big deal, but being featured on’s ‘Friday’s Favourites‘ blog as one! Our corporate Christmas card design got featured on’s blog! It was included in their ‘Friday’s Favourites’ which was pretty cool. We use quite regularly now, recently becoming […]

Social Media Marketing – Is Yours Working? How Do You Know?

Social Media Marketing – Is Yours Working? How Do You Know? Social media marketing is one of the trickiest areas in which to prove return on investment. Whether you’re investing money into paid social ads or simply putting a lot of hours into your campaigns. You need to be able to demonstrate that what you’re […]

The DM Lab Christmas Jumper Day Fundraiser

Our Christmas Jumper Day has taken a new direction… Creative Director Dale’s son Nate (aged 7 and a half) is keen to get involved in Christmas Jumper Day. He’s a good lad, he knows there are kids in need around the world. He’s seen the adverts that pop up on TV. He was so excited when […]

The DM Lab – Our Year In Review 2017

2017 has been our best year to date! This applies to business growth, financial growth and achievements in 2017. Although we’re going to be sad to see the year end, we’re excited to see what 2018 brings. January January is always a difficult month. Like the Monday of months! Post-Christmas blues, the only good thing […]

Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day 2017

Christmas Jumper Day 2017 – there’s nothing better than having a bit of fun for a great cause! Which is why we’ve signed up for Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day 2017. It is on Friday the 15th December. A couple of weeks away yet but we’re seeing if we can raise a quid or […]

Small Business SEO Tips and Tools

We have had a very busy Small Business Saturday! We really do hope we’ve offered any small Business SEO tips and tools plus some insights into marketing yourself online. As always if it seems too complicated or daunting, it’s what we do. So drop us a line! We compiled loads of awesome tips and tools […]

Small Business Saturday – December 2nd 2017

Small Business Saturday Today on Small Business Saturday we won’t be hard selling our services. We do brilliant marketing. Simple. Now enough of doing what we said we weren’t going to do!   We’ll be offering up as much information as we can to other small business over on Twitter. Links to tools and techniques […]

Why Work With an Agency Like Ours?

Why Work With an Agency Like Ours? Have you enjoyed #MicroBizMattersDay? We have! Although we don’t have a product to sell, we have a service. That’s what we’re shouting about in this blog. What we as a digital marketing agency can offer you. Value For Money We’ve already written a comprehensive blog about the value […]

The Rainbow Laces Movement

Come out in support and wear Rainbow Laces. Life happens to everyone. We’re all different, but let’s just get along and get on! It’s the 21st Century so opinions, orientations and business happens. We are all as individual as each other so let’s accept it and move on. We play sports, including football and rugby. […]

Lorem Ipsum – Latin Dummy Text Test Post

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Christmas Lego Giveaway – Our Final Competition of 2017

Christmas Lego Giveaway – Our Final Competition of the Year! We like to think that we run a decent competition. As we have said before anything that we personally have an interest in, we have a giveaway! That way we can put together a prize that even we find it hard to give away! This […]