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What Competition Really Means to Us

When we first started in 2009, we advertised in local papers, did some networking but there were a couple of other, more established local businesses doing what we do. We stuck at it but we don’t know if potential clients saw us as ‘unexperienced’, ‘unproven’ and as a result wanted to play it safe with other, bigger companies in Hereford.

Instead of being bitter, we just targeted business from elsewhere. We earned our reputation and now, 5 years on, we’re ready to make a name for ourselves locally. We know the quality of our work matches that of anyone locally and we’re not looking to secure business by undercutting the prices of our local competitors. You get what you pay for with us and you pay for quality. We don’t want to be ‘cheap’. We want to be value for money and our existing client base are well aware of what we do for them and they are very happy. It’s this assurance from our clients that has given us the confidence to come back and dip our toes in the local market. Competition will be tough but we know there is plenty of work to go around and we are firm believers in collaborating with local companies. A good example of this is we are currently working with F8 Creates in Worcester. We are more than capable of undertaking the project in house but we want to support local businesses and hope that this will come back around to us soon in other postive ways.

So what does competition mean to us? It certainly doesn’t mean compete with similar businesses, it means more to us to collaborate with others. We are are all great at what we do. How do we know this? Well, we’re all still IN business, so we’re all doing something right! We can all learn something from one another, and all help each other grow. We’ve proved we’re not a risk or a gamble, all we want is what you want – to succeed!