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James Robinson School of Motoring

We know James and Sally well – Chris used them to learn to ride a motorbike a while back. As they got to know each other they learned about what Chris did and recently they got in touch asking for us to consolidate a number of websites they had into one main site.

We turned the site around in next to no time. James and Sally were quite receptive to our designs and we’re happy to let us take the lead. We worked with their brand colours and created a simple, easy to navigate site so that anyone wanting to learn to ride a motorbike or drive a car knew exactly what they were getting from James Robinson School of Motoring and any questions they might have were answered in the comprehensive content and readily available call to actions.

It’s great to have interest from local companies and a good opportunity to show that even with a small website like this it can be a very effective marketing tool. With a responsive, mobile ready design in preparation for Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’, James and Sally could be rest assured that this will only have a positive effect on their ranking within Google in a very competitive local market.

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