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RRA Architects

Here at The DM Lab, we are a small and humble bunch. Working hard every day to become bigger, better and more well established. Last October we were given a huge boost by managing to secure a website design and development project by one of Hereford’s leading architectural practises – RRA Architects.

To date, this was one of our biggest single projects and a good test of our overall project management. Following the initial meeting, we set up a Basecamp project for all involved at The DM Lab and RRA Architects so we had one central management tool accessible to any one person at any time. Basecamp really helped us to set and achieve targets and keep the project running smoothly.

The project began by submitting some preliminary layouts of proposed designs discussed at the initial meeting. Elements were removed, changed and new bits added to achieve a general look and functionality that RRA wanted. This involved a lot of forward thinking as sketching layouts in Adobe Photoshop is a lot easier than coding it further down the line!

We made RRA Architects aware of this and they were very receptive to our comments. We would always strive to achieve what was wanted, and sometimes meant worrying about the technicalities further down the line.

The website was developed using WordPress as a CMS, with some bespoke functions built into it to help improve usability not only for RRA members but also users of the site. It was key that RRA were able to showcase the work they do, not only locally but nationally too. The company has worked on some high profile projects and needed to shout about it.

The masonry layout was maintained throughout the site, allowing it to seem a disorganised type of design but using good typography it was clear to the user where they were at any time.  The admin section allows RRA to pretty much manage everything they need to and control the front-end, meaning the site can be used as a marketable tool, as well as being completely responsive.

We are now continuing to work with RRA on their web presence, local SEO, AdWords and other digital media, to make sure the website really does work for their business!

Some things really challenged us, took us out of our comfort zone but ultimately the outcome was reward enough. RRA Architects got what they wanted and we achieved what was wanted. A true test of our abilities and we relished every second of it!

After a rigorous selection process, we were really pleased that RRA Architects has chosen us to undertake the redevelopment of their website.

Working alongside Garry, Jovan and Mark we used Basecamp and meetings to ascertain the look and feel that RRA wanted. They wanted to stand out from others in their industry while maintaining a professional design while at the same time being dynamic and innovative.

A masonry style was agreed upon and developed with an emphasis on typography and the use of white space. We are extremely pleased at the way the project as a whole came out, in particular the home page and projects page.
We are now about to start work with RRA in marketing the website and we hope to build on the success we achieved in building the site and take this to the next phase.

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