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From back when we started trading in 2010, we have learned and adapted the way we work to be the most cost effective, efficient and best we can be. Basecamp has become a valuable asset to The DM Lab.

 We invite and encourage all staff involved with a project at the clients’ end to use Basecamp.

Projects are accessible 24/7. Comments and documents can be uploaded whenever suits the client. That allows us to acknowledge, prioritise and action the work as and when we can.

Instead of this:

Messy email chains

Stuff slipping through the cracks

Constantly playing catch up

Client / vendor disputes

Time-wasting meetings

You’ll have more of this:

Full accountability

Clear visibility into projects

Feeling on top & in control

Work organized in one place

Better decision making

Basecamp allows us to communicate ideas freely.

Some clients already use an online project management tool. We favour Basecamp. However we are familiar with and use for instance Mavenlink and Trello. We’ll work with whatever platform you and your team are most comfortable with.

If online project management seems daunting, it really isn’t! Just watch this short video Basecamp have put together for a brief explanation!

We cover the costs of using the tool. We encourage you to embrace it for a smooth and fast project from start to finish.

Don’t take our word for it. In 2017 Basecamp has 2,581,030 accounts signed up!

to tell us about your vision and we’ll tell you how we’ll make it happen