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3D Design & Illustrations

Just recently, we have been fortunate enough to collaborate with a design company based in Cardiff – Curzon Creative – working on a brand new set of product brochures for Catnic. This involved working closely with the client and the design team at Curzon to produce 3D illustrations and product images. It was a really good opportunity as, strange as it may seem, I used to work in the construction industry as a draughtsman for Mark Fenton Design Services for 9 years prior working on AutoCAD and using these brochures we have produced as reference! I would always look at the pictures and illustrations in these and sometimes think that they were so poor, why were they not done properly?! Now, I have the chance to rectify this! It was great referencing elements I would have drawn in 2D in AutoCAD, but now I get to create them in 3D. Granted, the process was often tricky, but it was a manageable learning curve. Focus and experimentation were key to the development of the images.

Now the brochures have been printed and we have been given copies, the images look great and it is another fantastic addition to our ever expanding portfolio.