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Artur (St Mary’s) Week of Work Experience

This week, we were able to accommodate our final week of work experience!

Throughout 2022, we have welcomed 5 young people from different schools into our world – something that we are quite proud of. We’re only small, but offer way more than companies twice our size – and that’s what makes us stand out.

This week, Artur joined us from St Mary’s RC High School. Our final work experience-er of the year! We’re extremely pleased to have been able to offer this opportunity right before our third apprentice starts with us on Monday!

Throughout the summer, Artur has joined 4 others youngsters (Adam, Issey, Billie and Sadie) we’ve been able to immerse into our world – the world of digital marketing!

St Mary's RC High School Pupil Artur With Chris

Here’s what Artur had to say about his quite full on, busy week!

Day 1

I came into the office and met Joe, Chris and Dale. The team introduced me to what The DM Lab do and parts of their team. I was asked my interests involving digital marketing and I just love graphic design and coding. However, I prefer graphic design. After that I met Joe who does front end design. Chris gave me an assignment to create a logo for a business. At first I used Canva and it was going pretty badly at first… But then it was starting to get better. After that I was able to use Adobe Photoshop which I’ve only used once before. However, I was able to get the hang of the basics quite quickly.

Day 2

On the second day, I just logged onto the computer and cracked on with creating more logos for the company. I was getting better. On multiple occasions during the week I had to research a lot into how to do certain things in Photoshop as there was a lot to be learnt. Over the entire day I just continued to work on the logo, and it was getting much better.

Day 3

On the third day, I was getting closer to finishing the logos and I was able to start to create variations and colour palettes for the business to choose from. Mid-way through the day I completed all the variations of the logos and they were sent off to the business. After that Chris set me a new task to create another logo for another company. I began to sketch out some really basic ideas for the logo then went into Photoshop to create some concepts that I could work on the next day.

Day 4

Before I continued to make the logos, I first wanted to understand about the business and what they’ll be doing. So, I did some research into them so I had a better understanding of what type of logo design I should put into this. Joe sent me some potential colours that I could incorporate into the logos. It was going really well at this point I really understood how to use Photoshop and the tools that it offers. By the end of the day all logos and variations were completed. They were sent of to the company for reviewing. A teacher from my school, St Mary’s RC High School, came to visit to see how things were going.

Day 5

On my final day, I was set one more task to design some signs for a business this would come out to be the hardest task in the entire week as the plans I had for this were very detailed, by the end of the day I wrote this blog.

In conclusion being able to have the opportunity to do work experience at The DM Lab was a great experience and I learnt lot regarding graphic design and what work is like, I really enjoyed my time here.

Artur from St Mary's RC High School Working With Us

We’re pleased Artur enjoyed his time with us. He represented St Mary’s RC High School excellently and we wish him well going forward! Great work Artur!