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An Awesome End to the Year Thanks to Together

We’ve had some top days out at Sale Sharks thanks to UKFast and most recently Together

We are, as a business, really fortunate to be surrounded by awesome people and awesome businesses. This year we’ve been lucky enough to have enjoyed excellent matchday hospitality at the local clubs we are associated with. Thanks to the brilliant UKFast, we’ve been fortunate enough to have been invited to the AJ Bell stadium, home of the Sale Sharks and even the Sale Sharks’ End of Season Awards too! New friends and amazing memories!

We’re really fortunate to be given these opportunities and incredibly grateful for them. As a couple of nearing middle-aged blokes, we’re not ashamed to enjoy the match and of course get a few photos with the players. Any opportunity we can we’ll release our inner child. Yes, we’re as big a fan of the Sharks’ players as any teenager!

So what?! You gotta make the most of these experiences!

On Saturday 15th December, we were incredibly lucky to win Together’s Executive Box for another unforgettable matchday hospitality experience. Sharing this with new friends (and equally avid Sharks’ supporters) from Small Business Saturday’s Small Biz 100 class of 2018.

Welcomed by Cuets, we were put at ease. Obviously we weren’t going to miss our first chance of a photo, followed by Jono Ross who was up on our level currently nursing a neck niggle, preventing him from being in the matchday squad. Probably a normal thing for the other people up on level 3, but not for us!

The room itself was incredible.

A private box with a beautifully decorated table (thank you Together for the additional chocolate goodies too!). A balcony with our own seats with a perfect view of the game – it was a pretty special experience! We were really well looked after and the food was great. Most notably, everyone we met was so friendly, as they have been on every other trip there. Although daunting at first – especially as the box we were in was next door to Sharks’ owner Simon Orange’s box – which we thought was a pretty big deal! It was great to meet Simon who was really friendly and took the time out to welcome us and have a quick chat. Braving the cold as we did, you could see and hear the passion he has for the club.

HT Sharks 7 – 7 Bordeaux

Heading back inside at halftime to defrost, AJ and Johnny stopped by our box. Having met AJ at the End of Season Awards and been in touch with Johnny lately, it was very cool to catch up with these guys. Obviously there were photo opportunities!

The weather got worse and Bordeaux just edged out the Sharks’ in a tough contest. Narrowly defeating them by 3 points. Still picking up a LB point and remaining at the top of the table was still a decent end to the match. Following the match, Sharks’ opening try scorer Luke James had a few words to say with Cuets about the performance.

After the match we got to meet some of the new players while catching up with some familiar ones! As always, thanks to all who took the time out for photos and to autograph our ball. The only ones we missed were Ashy, JOC and Dimes from who we saw were there. Still got some more to go as well as these guys so mission not quite accomplished yet but a good dent made!

We even chatted to some of the travelling fans and traded some memorabilia after the game. It was a really awesome day, massive thanks to Together once again. Thank you Sharks for the excellent hospitality. A superb day had by all of us!

Not sure if we’re making it up for the Bears game this Saturday, however we’ll see you at the Gloucester game in a couple of weeks!