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The Babadook

Here at the Lab, we LOVE horror movies. One movie we were particularly looking forward to was The Babadook. An Australian horror, which if Wolf Creek is anything to go by, will be worth seeing!

Anyway, we went to see it and it is a pretty different sort of horror. Genuinely creepy movie with no monster as such which torments a child and then the child’s mother after a weird children’s pop up book appears on their doorstep. The son is afraid of the Babadook, but the mother gets more and more frustrated convinced her son is not being tormented by a monster (the Babadook) but is suffering behavioral problems. The child’s father was killed in an accident taking the mother to hospital 7 years ago. It’s a different take on a creepy movie as you see what the Babadook should look like through illustrations of the sinister children’s book that has appeared, although you never really actually see the monster.

It’s quite chilling in places and the mother’s anger and frustration at her innocent child is sometimes quite disturbing. The ending is really weird too, they don’t get rid of the Babadook, and they both learn to live with it, feeding it worms in the basement.

I thought it was good, but because the way the movie is, I’m sure there will be mixed opinions.

Here’s the trailer for it: