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Brand Loyalty During a Crisis is More Important Than Ever

Brand loyalty in a crisis is more important than ever.

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There’s a LOT of panic going on. We see that from both sides of the coin. How do we service our customers if what you sell is not a necessity? Simple. Take a step back. Re-evaluate. Doing nothing is the worst thing you can do. That will just complicate and jeopardise your business further down the line. Of course there’s measures in place that look like your businesses will receive a degree of protection. But always have a plan B. A backup plan.

Audience Figures for Brand Loyalty

We’re not selling our services, we, like you, are simply safeguarding ourselves and offering these insights to you now. If people are reluctant to go out, you need to ensure your online presence will get you found. SEO is like pushing a car, at first, it’s hard work and it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere, but keep at it and it gets easier after that initial effort. You can get the SEO basics in place yourself – in our booklets or on your blog. There may be something you’ve missed or a minor detail you’re not already doing.

There are testing times, but don’t make rash decisions based on the now.

Stick together. Help each other. We all want to make it out the other side of this. Ask us to mail you one of our booklets so you can assess your own digital marketing strategy for yourselves. We encourage you to engage with us and reach out to us. We are NOT capitalising on the situation nor are we scaremongering you. We’re looking out for you.

Also, take some time out to watch our videos on our YouTube channel. We’ve recorded our previous presentations so if you haven’t seen them, now is the time. Free information for you to do as you please with.

Just please, don’t just do nothing. Do something.

Where our retail or travel clients are struggling we will offer free support through this tough time. As well as any other client that needs to pause their on-going arrangement due to loss of business. Our aim will be to ensure that businesses can be found still. SEO will be more important than ever as people will be Googling more. They’ll be on their phones trying to find things or just out of boredom. Although they may not be buying now, they will in the near future. Corner your market, remain present and keep your market share or even improve it.

Brand loyalty is now more important than ever.

So let’s put things in place that potential customers find you now, they will come back when they are ready to buy. We have been doing this for over a decade. However, the buying cycle has just got a little bit slower at the moment.

So when they have an initial touchpoint with your business, capture their details. Get them to sign-up for updates or anything you can to make sure they come back at a later date. There will be an end to all this, and we need to be ready for it when it eventually comes.