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Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and today in particular we have really got involved!

Sponsoring the one-off pink matchday shirts Luctonians wore and auctioned in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness and Breast Cancer Haven Hereford was a great fundraiser that we had the privilege of supporting. But we wanted to do something ourselves instead of just being a part of another organisation’s efforts. Today, Friday October 20th, marked that day!

As another busy week draws to a close, we started today sporting our own pink shirts as part of ‘Pink Shirt Day’.

Coupled with this, we have ‘pinkified’ our Twitter, Facebook and our website to signify our involvement in breast cancer awareness. We didn’t want to do it half heartedly at the beginning of the month. Instead we wanted to make it significant and purposeful. Today we really genuinely immersed ourselves so it has meaning to our efforts. It was our intention to celebrate ‘Pink Shirt Day’ by turning pink for today, BUT, we will admit, we kinda like the pink look! So we’re keeping it pink for the rest of October!

We are a tiny company, hidden away in a little studio, but we did involve ourselves in ‘Pink Shirt Day’. We donated £20, at least it’s something and we hope it helps! Thanks to Number Four for printing our T-Shirts too. Appreciate it.

Feeling that despite our humble donations weren’t enough, we got in touch with BID Award winners The Kupcake Kitchen and ordered some very apt pink cupcakes to deliver to the staff of the Hereford branch of Breast Cancer Haven.

As the day neared its end, we dropped our money and the cupcakes in our tasty pink T-Shirts at Breast Cancer Haven Hereford. It’s just a small offering, but we got involved, had a bit of fun, met some great people! Looked pretty cool, ate some cakes and supported both a great charity and local businesses in the process. Can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday!

Picture courtesy of Lydia @ Breast Cancer Haven Hereford

Next up…Movember…