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What Can You Expect From Us Now We Are ISO 9001 Certified?

As a small business, it’s easy to think you are in control of everything. There can’t be that much to do can there?! Yes, yes there is a lot to do! The day to day running of the business is one thing, but then managing the workload is another. We were pretty organised, but since becoming ISO certified we have refined and added new managerial and administration methods, ensuring the quality of service we are providing is second to none.

This certification not only credits us for the organisational levels we are at but gives us the opportunity to improve them, refining and streamlining the service we offer, essentially giving you ‘more bang for your buck’! The certification we hope will attract larger companies to the services we offer. Why is this? Well, we like to think that the accreditation proves that we are more than just a small business, but an extension of that business. Offering ourselves as a white label marketing department. We hope it has the appeal to give MDs confidence to use The DM Lab without compromising themselves by using a company that could potentially have an adverse effect if things go wrong and results aren’t achieved.

You can be sure that we are organised, we are professional and we can take care of all your design and marketing needs in a structured manner. Using a project management tool you’ll be able to see what is happening, when it’s happening and what’s going to happen at any point, complimenting the management and organisational methods we already employ to offer an all round, complete service.

We are a small business with a big impact!