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Checklist Day…

As it’s Checklist Day today, we’ve produced our very own – if you have a business, see which of these you can check off. If there’s any that you can’t, get in touch with us here at the Lab to ensure you have everything in place ready for 2015. It’s never too early to start planning, but if it’s left too late, we won’t be able to get everything in place ready for the New Year.

  • Do you have a website? If you do, got to point number 2. If you don’t, click here!
  • Would you like us to carry out a website audit to ensure you are getting the most from your website? If you do, click here!
  • Do you want to increase your online presence? If you do, click here!
  • Do you want more leads? If you do, click here!
  • Do you send out regular newsletters keeping your existing client base up to date? If you don’t, click here!
  • Are you making the most out of social media? If not, click here!
  • How would a little training sound to help you maximize your marketing in house? If you like the sound of this, click here!
  • Interested in seeing your new business take off with Google ads? Click here!
  • Want to know more? Click here!
  • Not convinced? Click here!

We know that ultimately this is a numbers game. We don’t see ourselves as an expense, more of an investment. Sow the seeds with us now and reap the rewards in 2015. Contact us for more information or a no obligation meeting with us to see where you can improve your marketing.