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The Christmas & New Year Business Survival Guide

Take a break, put your feet up and relax with our Christmas & New Year Business Survival Guide

The Christmas holidays are supposed to be a break from everything. Spending time with the family and enjoy the festive period without worrying about work. However, if you run a business, you know that you just can’t shut off completely. We can’t. So how can we make the festive period work for you? Take a look at our brief but informative Christmas & New Year business survival guide.


Make your business work for YOU over the Christmas break. Don’t lose momentum. Consider new marketing angles to help get those leads flooding in as soon as you return in 2015! To properly enjoy a break from your business, let us continue marketing you throughout the festive period. To fully take advantage of this, we needed to start yesterday. It takes time to analyse what needs to be done so contact us for a no obligation run down of what we can do for you better than you may already be doing. We’ll be an extension of your company that will continue working, increasing your online presence and generating you leads while you put your feet up.

These rewards can only be reaped if we get the ball rolling now.

Take a look at our Christmas & New Year business survival guide. Then take a look at our services and see which, or all, you would feel would benefit you and your business and we will advise accordingly. We would never sell you a service you wouldn’t need, be sure of that. We can’t lie to you, analytics speak for themselves. Our business is helping your business grow. Our recent award wins cement this fact.

New Year, New…You?

A New Year is always a good time to freshen up your website or shake up the way you market your business. January is always a slow month, we know. Businesses everywhere are still finding their feet after a 2 week break. We can generate a report to see what can be improved on your website initially to increase traffic then we will look at marketing. Optimise the website is the first and most important task. After all, we don’t want to be ‘flogging a dead horse’.

Here are a few basic tips to keep your business in the public eye over the Christmas period:

Tweet and update your Facebook status – even if it is just to wish your followers and likes a Happy Christmas. Take a few minutes out of your day, put your feet up, make a cup of tea, get out your phone or laptop and interact. Don’t just drop off the radar for 2 weeks. If need be schedule a few tweets on something like Buffer.

Blog about anything interesting you do over the holidays – readers will be interested to see what you are up to for a change instead of reading about what your business is doing.

Do a backup – obvious, but easily forgotten. The worst thing that could happen is lose everything over the holidays in a freak accident / theft etc. Even if it’s as simple as putting important documents onto a flash drive and keeping it somewhere other than where all the business IT is kept.

Send out an E-card and newsletter – people love receiving Christmas wishes, plus it shows you care. Equally as important it keeps your brand awareness topped up. Send out a newsletter about what has happened throughout the year and hopes for the next are always an engaging read.

Hold a competition in the run up to Christmas – everyone is after that extra gift for Christmas, whether it’s a self indulgent treat or a gift for someone else. What’s better than winning a competition with a hot prize on offer?! People will love you for it, plus you can market to entrants in the New Year.

These are just a few ideas for you. We have plenty more!

If you like these ideas we’ve suggested in our business survival guide but have no idea how to implement them, speak to us! We’ll take care of everything for you (apart from the back-up – but please do one!). Addressing these points and getting everything in place for next year’s marketing is what we love, and we’re not bad at it either!

We’ll make brilliant marketing simple!

Have a great festive break and let us worry about your business for you for a change!


 The Christmas & New Year Business Survival Guide