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Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day

I, for one, am terrible at downloading and saving files straight to the desktop. They are easy to access instead of, you know, My Computer > Local Disk > work directory, work file. I’m so unintentionally lazy, but then come the end of the day or week if I’m being super lazy, I’ve got a full desktop with things saved on there I can’t even remember what they were for! Then you have o go through the time consuming rigmarole of opening each file to see exactly what it was for. I’ll do it later is the worst thing you can do when it comes to clearing up your virtual desktop. You and I both know, it’s not happening later, it’s happening when the desktop is so full that files fill the entire screen.

As it is clean your virtual desktop day, I’m just going to…um…refine the layout of the important files I have on my desktop. OK, you got me, I’m moving and deleting stuff. Seems like an appropriate day to do so, so I may as well!