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Client Success Story

Client Success Story

On 13th November last year, Dan from Wills and Legal Services got in touch with us about working together. This was a day before our Small Biz 100 event. We were playing host to celebrate our selection as one of Small Business Saturday’s top 100 small businesses 2018.

Dan reached out to see if The DM Lab could help with website and marketing for a new company. After a few emails ack and forth, we invited Dan to our Small Biz 100 Day event. Dan accepted the invite and speaking to him afterwards he was keen to get things going with us.

The story so far…

Following our Day and having digested as much as he could, Dan realised we knew what we were about and that we were as passionate as we are knowledgeable. We have developed a website for the new company, helped with paid advertising on Google and Facebook, developed a landing page for the Smart Money Guide and the blossoming relationship has seen us begin redeveloping Dan’s current site for Wills & Legal Services with a long-term marketing plan in mind.

Dan and his team are clear in their goals but also are very receptive to our ideas. We both want what’s best and we’ve already established a good working relationship that continues to blossom.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with an equally as ambitious local client and look forward to working further with Dan and his team. We’re also grateful for being 1 of the Small Biz 100, allowing us to try something new to celebrate our day and meet so many great local people and businesses who kindly attended our event. Dan – you were one of these!

“Chris & The DM Lab team have been a pleasure to work with so far. High quality work delivered on time and with clear information too. Thanks guys!”