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Coil Payments WordPress Plugin (XRP)

Coil Payments WordPress Plugin (XRP)

Being huge fans of XRP and Ripple, we have decided to make a raw WordPress plugin for those that need to install the Coil payment system on their WordPress site, see the instructions below:

  1. Download the zip file here
  2. Upload to your website through the wordpress plugin installer
  3. Activate the plugin
  4. In Coil settings add your payment provider link (complete link)

Away you go!

This plugin will allow you to insert the code into the header of your WordPress site without having to edit code or FTP.

To make it work you will need a Coil account (set-up here) and a payment pointer. Happy to take feedback or for people to improve the plugin, it was developed mainly for us to use easily on sites we work with, email

What is Coil?

Coil is a community of content creators and contributers. Contributers pay a monthly subscription and while surfing content from creators, Coil will pay money out to them.

Start getting support from the Coil community by making your web content WM-enabled.

Visit your account or set-up one here:
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