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Contribution to the Community

What is it we do to contribute to the community?

Following the last few years of increased business success, The DM Lab can give even more back to support the community. We are passionate grass roots sports fans. So much so we are partnered with 3 local rugby clubs, each differing in size, a football club, a cricket club, a local branch of the National Autistic Society, ‘Comfort U Bags’ – a charity in Oxford set up to provide children going into foster care for the first time with a bag of essentials to help with the transition. We also support an annual rugby 7s event, having helped to set up the event in 2017 and we continue to help market.

Furthermore we also donate tickets every summer to Circus Starr. Circus Starr is a travelling circus which gives disabled and disadvantaged children accessible and inclusive family entertainment. We not only help by exchanging our services for sponsorships, so we are not a financial burden to these ventures, we also sponsor events outright. We sponsored both award ceremonies last year that we won in 2017 to both show our appreciation as winners. Continuing to support events that have helped us get to where we are today.

How do we do it?

The Digital Marketing Laboratory specialises in growing businesses’ online presence, leads and ultimately sales. We work with clients to achieve this with any budget and are not tied in at a set cost. Our flexible retainer allows us to achieve the best results. The reason for this is if our clients grows and profits increase, retainers increase. As a result we can achieve even more for them. At the same time it helps us to grow too. Clients’ success is paramount to what we do, and we can grow ourselves alongside our clients. A successful mutual relationship is fundamental to us.

As a direct result of the businesses’ success, we can, and do, support businesses and the community any way we can. We have established successful partnership with several local clubs, organisations and events. We offer our expertise in exchange for a sponsorship rather than a cost.

This way the venture can get the best of what we offer.

Without the burden of additional cost which often they don’t have, especially when starting. We’ve helped with marketing, online and offline (this includes graphic design and print) while online we can set them up a web presence which we can manage or show someone associated with each venture how to manage it in house.

We choose a venture that really interests us. So we are right behind what they are doing and want them to succeed. We also work with 3 local rugby clubs differing in sizes and requirements, a football club, a cricket club, a local branch of the National Autistic Society, an annual beer and rugby 7s event we helped to establish in 2017 and further afield ‘Comfort U Bags’ based in Oxford, provides children going into care with a bag of essentials and possessions to call their own.

How will we remain active in the community in the future?

There is no agenda to our community work and support. We have a genuine interest. As long as the business is a success, we will continue to support clubs, organisations and events. We understand that clubs and organisations especially are run by volunteers and proceeds are generated for the club / organisation by them. If we can help ease this workload a little we are happy. We have a passion for success. Both for ourselves and anyone we work with, this includes clubs, organisations and events we are involved with.